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What makes Good Academic Writing?

The writing style is used by students/ researchers/ to express their findings or thoughts about a particular area of their study. To communicate effectively on the subject, certain key elements of good academic writing must be present. These include the tone, accepted jargon, research-based writing, clarity, precision among other factors as discussed in this article.


Academic writing differs from other types of writing because of the guidelines that govern the specific disciplines. It requires excellence and this makes students experiencing difficulties with their assignments to seek academic essay assistance from professionals.

Qualities of good writing

The bigger picture

Academic writing is structured in a formal and logical way. The whole paper should be well organized to allow a smooth flow of ideas. The sentences and paragraphs should be well transitioned to achieve the objective of writing. For the reader to grasp the content and flow with the argument, it should be clearly explained. Before a student sets on the journey of writing, it’s vital to have the bigger picture in mind, which is the objective of writing.


This is the attitude of the writer.  Academic writing uses a narrative tone. Even when you disagree with other authors’ stand, it’s important to maintain the right attitude. Even in disciplines that allow emotional expression, you must be in control. Don’t be too subjective, objectivity is the key.  As you present your arguments, support your claim or disagreement with confidence in your stand. Don’t be biased or too judgmental.


This refers to the choice of words for your paper. For clarity purposes, you must carefully select the right words that are concrete to communicate your concepts. Some words have more than one meaning. If wrongly used; the sentence can have a totally different meaning and fail to deliver the intended information.  Choose words that are specific for your discipline and that you are sure about. In other words, avoid generalizations, vague terminologies, or words that you are unsure of. You may also consider using your dictionary to confirm the meaning of some words before you use them in your essay.


This is a very crucial element of good writing. They include commas, colons, full stops, dashes, etc.  In academics, it allows the writer to establish a narrative tone. There are different punctuation marks with each being used to serve a specific purpose. To convey your arguments, they must be correctly used. Some students experience difficulties when using these marks. As a result, the meaning of a sentence or phrase is altered. Learn more about each as well as when, how, and why to use it at for more information and all academic essay assistance.

Evidence –based reasoning

Academic writing aims at testing your knowledge and understanding of your subject. In your paper, the thoughts are expressed from a personal perspective. They are your opinions on the subject. To convince the reader and other scholars within or outside your field that your arguments are valid, you have no option but to be reasonable. As you give your reasons for or against a claim, evidence from reliable and credible sources is imperative. To obtain strong evidence that will convince the reader, extensive research on your topic is mandatory.

Thesis- driven

Academic writing is thesis-driven. The thesis forms the backbone of all academic papers.  The arguments presented seek to prove or disapprove the claim. The position taken, ideas, and views seek to answer the research question on the topic. The problem statement is derived from the research question and without the two, there is no academic writing. It’s therefore crucial to have a problem statement/ thesis in your paper. In addition, it should be strong and debatable. Most students are unable to narrow down from the broad topic to a research question and even formulate a thesis. If you experience a problem with either, call center is available 24/7. We guarantee quality and timely academic essay assistance to all students.



Academic writing involves the use of formal and simple language. This aspect is imperative in ensuring clear and well-structured sentences and paragraphs, in the entire paper. It also makes it easy for the reader to understand your argument without difficulties. To write brilliantly, dig deep to understand the language requirements in your discipline.

Academic conventions

In the field of academics, there are basic guidelines that should be adhered to. This applies across all disciplines. They include the use of credible sources for your work. Besides the usage, they must be correctly cited within the body and well listed in the reference page. Use of quotes, paraphrased texts should be followed with citations. This protects you against charges of plagiarism. It also allows the readers to know the source of your data, ideas and they can refer to them if they need additional information on the topic. Depending on your subject, you will use a specific style. These styles may be familiar or unfamiliar to you, to understand them clearly, sign up at  With our academic essay assistance and other writing services, you have the opportunity to know all that matters academic writing.

There are also other academic conventions to observe. They include proper use of topics, subtopics, spelling, grammar, and use of the third-person pronouns.

Complexity and higher order thinking

The main objective of academic writing is to address complex issues. To be effective, understand the research, solve problems, and report the findings, higher thinking skills are very important. You have to be critical, logical, reflective, and creative throughout the process. To explain your complex topic in a way that is understood by the reader you must have the ability to summarize your information, in a well-organized synthesis of ideas.


Academic writing is inevitable for all students regardless of their level or course. Therefore knowing what is regarded as good academic writing allows you to upgrade your skills to write great papers. Don’t forget that is the home of writing experts and the best, fast, and reliable academic essay assistance.

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