Adapting Curriculum for Multicultural Classroom

Week 5 Assignment: Adapting Curriculum for Multicultural Classrooms Activity Description In this week, you will need to write a plan to model the adaptation of curriculum for multicultural classrooms. If you do not currently teach, think about the curriculum with which you work, the curriculum in this course, or the curriculum in your current program of study. In your plan be sure to include: •A description an analysis of the current curriculum •A plan to adapt the curriculum to include all students and families •A discussion related to the impact of culture and language •What pitfalls will you consciously try to avoid? •What are your big ideas or enduring understandings? •How will you develop and assess multicultural curriculum in your area of expertise? •How will this adaptation improve achievement? •How important is the role of family and community? Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages. Referenced: Minimum of 3 scholarly resources.

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