Article Review


Produce a critical summary of the adapted text ‘Close Relationships, Gender, and Career Salience’ by Miguel Moya, Francisca Exposito, and Josefa Ruiz. Please follow the guidelines in the attached file.


Article Review

The article Close Relationships, Gender, and Career Salience by Miguel Moya, Francisca Exposito and Josefa Ruiz examines relationship between career salience and steady relationships and how they are affected by socio-psychological characteristics of the individual and the relationship with his/her partner (Moya, Exposito & Ruiz, 2000). These characteristics include gender ideology, employment status, education level, parenthood and degree of interdependence.


According to (Moya, Exposito and Ruiz (2000), career salience among women is related to their feminist gender ideology while that of the men is related to the traditional gender ideology. Additionally, the authors point out that women tend to be more influenced by relationships than men. Lastly, their findings suggest that women give more importance to the aforementioned socio-psychological factors than men.

According to the article, women with a modern gender ideology and those that have jobs outside the home tend to have a higher level of education which in turn makes them give more importance to their careers than their male counterparts (Moya, Exposito & Ruiz, 2000). Similarly, it seems that career salience among women is dependent on their partners’ preferences and relationship characteristics while that among men is independent of both variables (Moya, Exposito & Ruiz, 2000).

In light of the evidence provided, I am persuaded to accept the view the authors have taken in this article. For instance, it is true that women are more influenced by their relationships than men on matters relating to career salience. This situation is seen in our day-to-day lives the world over, not just in the Spanish context where the study was undertaken. Women tend to consider their significant others first and foremost when it comes to careers and parenthood. They may turn down career advancements in order to spend more time with their children, thus, giving the men in their lives greater opportunities for career advancement. Unfortunately, by being selfless, women are likely to miss out in terms of career progression.


Moya, M., Exposito, F., & Ruiz, J. (2000). Close relationships, gender, and career salience. Sex Roles42(9), 825-846.

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