Assignment: Communicating Bad News

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Review the following scenario: A new company claims it manufactures the best dog food in the market. It employs around 250 people worldwide. After six months in business, one of the company’s brands is found to contain harmful bacteria. Overnight, reports start pouring in from all over the country about pets falling sick, some critically. The company wants to communicate with its stakeholders through a memo before major news channels start to cover the disease. Assume that you are an assistant to the company’s chairperson. textbook, Leadership Communication, read the following chapters: From the Argosy University online library resources, read: Based on your analysis of the scenario and using the reading material covered in this module, draft two memos for the chairperson. One memo should address the board of directors and the other the company’s employees. Make assumptions about whether it is the food product that has bacteria or if there is another explanation for the pets’ sickness. Write a 1–2-page paper in Word format. Turned-in on time, Plagiarism Free, Indented Paragraphs, Running-Heads included, Pages numbered, Cover and Reference Pages included, Grading and Points Criteria followed, Please work on your APA formatting of citations. I have provided the APA resource cite for you., Please work on using literature within the span of the last 5 years, All assignment details and qualifications followed, Apply APA standards to citation of sources. By Tuesday March 27, 2018 submit your assignment to the Submissions Area. Assignment Grading Criteria & Maximum Points:Effectively utilized the tips covered in the module, to write an appropriate memo addressing the board of directors to convey the bad news. 40pts.Effectively utilized the tips covered in the module, to write a suitable memo addressing the company’s employees to convey the bad news. 40pts.Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. 20pts.Total: 100pts.Purchase the answer to view it
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