Autobiographical Essay


I am uploading all the instructions for this paper. Please make this paper a believable one. I am in the military and right now I am in the field.

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Autobiographical Essay

Every child is normally asked one common question: which profession would you like to join when you grow up? I was no different, but my answer to this question was simple: I wanted to become a military officer. As early as when I was seven years old, I liked playing with water guns. Interest in military affairs continued to be a part of me throughout my childhood. Thus, it was no surprise to many when I recently joined the military and later got deployed in the field. Many years down the line, my answer to the same question remains the same, only that it has become much more elaborate. A day after joining the military, we were all asked the same question once again. This time, I gave out the answer more confidently than ever. Born and raised in San Francisco, California, I am an ordinary 24-year old American trying to make a difference in in my society the best way I know how, by protecting my country. I am Jake Wallace, and this is a detailed account of my first week in the field.


I grew up admiring all the individuals I saw in uniform regardless of their position in the disciplined forces whether the army, navy, or police service. To me, there was something powerful about carrying a gun around, protecting civilians, maintaining law and order and contributing to the country’s defense system. After deeply agonizing about my dream career path, I decided to join the military. I viewed it as the best platform on which I could dedicate my life to serving and protecting my friends, family and country. My greatest achievement since then has been the successful completion of military training.

After undergoing several weeks of intense training in the military camp, I felt like I could take on the world single-handedly. Upon completing their military training successfully, I was teeming with confidence. This explains why I was both nervous and excited when I got the deployment letter. This was especially because it was going to be my very first time out in the field after finishing my military training. The deployment would last 30 days, after which a detailed account of the findings would be submitted to the superior.

My colleagues and I were required to set up a military base camp from which we could easily monitor all happenings in the surrounding environment. We were divided into five groups. Three groups were to operate from the military base while the remaining two were required to dress in civilian attire and take on the role of tourists who blended easily with locals, gained their trust and consequently acquired all the required information. Since I was fresh out of training, I was among the groups of people that guarded and run the operation from the military set base.

During military training, I was taught to be alert at all times during a deployment because anything can happen. In a split second, everything could take a turn for the worst. Two days after arriving at the deployment site, we were ambushed by heavily armed locals. They knew exactly when to attack as their surprise invasion came during a shift change. I was extremely scared since this was the first time that I was witnessing a real military attach and a spontaneous counteroffensive action. This experience brings me to another important lesson I learned during military training: always assess the damage and control the situation. The locals clearly outnumbered us. They totaled 35 men while our division comprised 13 soldiers, and our supervisor was absent. Thus, I quickly took charge tried to negotiate with the attackers to reach a peaceful solution. After a few minutes of chaos, commotion, and near-panic, my supervisor walked in, laughing: it was a drill.


As it turned out, the supervising officer had realized that I was not taking the deployment with the seriousness it deserved. This is why he deployed several local police officers and some of my colleagues in a mock-up raid resembling a real extremist terrorist attack. However harsh the lesson was, his intentions were genuine. He told me to be careful when dealing with the locals and to never underestimate their capabilities no matter how calm or peaceful an area may seem at any particular time. I believe that by doing this, the supervisor wanted me to acquire some hands-on experience on how raids are carried out against military contingents. That explains how I swore never to underestimate any situation or individual.

I speak from experience when I say that being in the military is an extremely difficult albeit rewarding and fulfilling job. It has its overwhelming moments in which one may end up second-guessing a leader’s commands. Nevertheless, there are also numerous happy memories that come with being a military officer. For instance, during deployment, I have been working alongside the most committed military professional I have ever met. He was not only willing to teach me the most fundamental lessons in the military but also ready to ensure that the most phenomenal experiences were anchored on real-life situations.

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