Biology in the Real World Project

At this point, you should have completed the activity that you identified in the proposal. If you planned to administer a survey, the survey should be complete. If you planned to interview an expert, you should have already had this conversation. You should be in the polishing phase. The workshops in Module 1, 3, and 4 supported specific components of this project. Be sure to apply all of your work in the workshops to your project! The purpose of this deliverable is to communicate the results of your project to your instructor and allow you the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of specific module learning objectives and course learning outcomes through meaningful reflection. Review the Biology in the Real World Project information for details on this project. Review the draft rubric before you start preparing your deliverable. Remember, your deliverable format is your choice, as identified in your proposal. You could opt for a word processed document, an MP4 file, a YouTube video, etc. You will need to share your actual project with your instructor. If your deliverable identified in your proposal was a video, your draft submission should be a video.Regardless of your format, your draft must include the following components:Project Timeline: Identify the milestones from your proposal (edits are acceptable), clearly indicating which have been accomplished and when. Also, indicate the anticipated completion date of remaining project milestones.Key Vocabulary: At least 10 relevant vocabulary words with definitions in your own words.Module Connection: A description of meaningful connections between your project and thetextbook content, module objectives, and/or course learning outcomes. Simply listing objectives andoutcomes is not sufficient.Real World Connection: A description of the meaningful connections between your project and your academic/professional career and/or personal life.References: Formatted consistently in the same style, such as APA.This project will assess your critical thinking, scientific literacy, and information literacy. In the execution and presentation of your project, you are expected to:Properly research your topic, evaluating sources for credibility and bias before using them to support your position.Develop a clear position (ALL projects can take a position – reach out to your instructor if you get stuck here).Integrate evidence from various sources to form a scientific argument.Bridge information from the theoretical to the real world (module to your project and project to your personal/academic/professional life).Tips for Success:Reach out to your instructor for mentoring and support. Ask specific questions.Start early.Use the rubric to pre-grade yourself. Adjust your work accordingly. Remember: Reports are not an accepted deliverable. You should not expect to simply research a subject and write a report.Formatting:If submitting a written deliverable, use 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced. Use section headers and subheaders as appropriate. Include page numbers. All submissions should be saved using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity. Do not add punctuation or special characters. If your deliverable file type is not a standard .docx, .xls, mp4, etc., you must ensure your instructor will be able to access your file type before proceeding in that format.

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