Biology in the Real World Workshop

I have attached the BIRW proposal, course syllabus, and module learning objectives for my topic.  Identify and describe connections between the BIRW project activities and course learning outcomes and module learning objectives.Identify and describe connections between the BIRW project activities and your academic, professional, and personal life.Review rubric criteria for the BIRW draft assignment.Participation InstructionsShare your draft course connections. Start with the bulleted list from your proposal. Take a fresh look at the course learning outcomes (located in the syllabus) and the module learning objectives in relevant modules to ensure you have a comprehensive list. Convert your bulleted list into 1-2 paragraphs that explain the connections between your project and these outcomes and objectives. Before posting your draft, review the BIRW rubric for the Draft. Are you proficient in both the “Module Connection” and “Real World Connection” category?Provide feedback to your peers on their course connections. Be sure to refer specifically to the expectations from the rubric, where applicable. Feedback should be actionable. Don’t just say what needs work. Explain why and suggest action. Example: “This paragraph structure and flow is a bit confusing. Making this two paragraphs, each with a topic sentence would help the reader follow your thinking better.”Discuss key transferable skills (competency) from ERAU’s General Education Program (Links to an external site.) that you are honing through your project. 

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