business management

For all discussions in the class, please create ONE thread containing your responses to all the questions.Then as your classmates create other threads, read the thread and respond. Thus your overall effort will be the thread you create plus your replies to others ( TWO)’ threads. For your own thread please be thorough and thoughtful and cite specific ways the question and or video has been applied to your own job. Also, please make your thread by THURSDAY night 11:59 so others can spend the rest of the week replying. Students creating  threads after Thursday will be subject to points loss.


Week 1 Questions

1. Watch the video, Developing the CEO Within You. Are you cannon fodder in your present job or are they developing you into a leader?


2. How has your appreciation for good relations with your supervisor changed as a result of the reading, “Don’t Forget Your Boss”?


3. Evaluate a specific unethical act by the business community with which you are familiar such as theEnron collapse, the Madoff scheme or the Wall Street mortgage banking scandals etc. How do these unethical actions relate to the material in Chapter 4 of the text?

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