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Essential writing requirements for a thesis proposal

As you pursue your degree you will be required to write a thesis project. However, before you do, you prepare a thesis proposal which is an overview of the proposed plan of work, scope of the study, research questions, research design, and the significance of the study. In other words, it answers the following questions regarding your study.

  • What
  • How
  • Why
  • When
  • Where


Thesis proposal writing tips

Writing a thesis proposal is a daunting exercise since you must convince your academic advisor and committee that your project is feasible and you have what it takes to complete it. Therefore be sure to read, understand, and apply these tips when writing. Also, at essay writing services we offer thesis writing help to all students at an affordable rate.

  • Develop a writing schedule and routine every day
  • In the beginning, don’t aim at perfectionism. Just free-write everything that comes into your mind
  • Carry a small notebook always where you note new and relevant thoughts
  • Consider audio recording for some parts of your proposal
  • Not a must you start with the introduction, focus on other parts first.
  • Keep in mind that it is a document that will be subject to reviews and you may require to do a number of revisions on it. This process can be very overwhelming hence the need to buy custom thesis proposal that is professionally written from
  • Look at your proposal as an introduction to your thesis and think of a way to bridge a gap in the existing literature.
  • The thesis proposal is meant to help you put your ideas into practice and real-life situations
  • Form a study group where you exchange thesis proposal writing ideas and experiences

After you have read the tips and you are set to write your proposal will have the following the following elements:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Introduction/Background
  • Problem statement
  • Purpose/Research questions/Rationale
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Significance/Implications
  • Overview of the chapters
  • Plan of work
  • Bibliographic references and Appendices

These parts can be combined depending on the discipline and the instructor’s instructions hence the need to consult before you decide on whether to write each separately or have them combined. Also, you should not forget that our writers are available 24/7 to offer unlimited support even when you need to buy custom thesis proposal online.


Choose a title that conveys the point of your research.  Make it clear, simple and specific and leave a room for change as you progress with the writing.


This is a brief and a comprehensive summary of your proposal and you will be required to create on e depending with your field. If you are required to write an abstract, make sure it is as follows for it to be effective:

  • It gives an overview of the proposal in about 100-50 words in a clear and simple manner as it determines whether the reader will devote their time to reading your proposal and project. 
  • It captures the introduction, problem statement, the background of the study, research questions, methodology, and procedure.
  • Some will include the findings. Learn more about writing effective abstracts and types at website.


Your introduction gives you an entry into the conversation around your topic. A good introduction should:

  • Describe the area/context where the research is placed
  • Define the general scope of your research project
  • Establish the background of your research
  • Give an overview of your proposal segments
  • Should be exciting to engage the readers


Problem statement

 In some papers, this part can be combined with the introduction or written independently.  Regardless of where it is found in your proposal, it should be clearly stated keeping in mind that it acknowledges the gap you have identified and want to address.  It is used to answer what gap needs to be filled? You may even consider framing this question in form of a question since your study is meant to answer questions. 

Purpose /Research Questions

Many proposals have a clear statement of the research goals, research questions, or hypotheses.  It is a section that requires the student to spend time brainstorming before drafting.  Also, it is imperative to note that the objectives may change in terms of numbers and emphasis. For this reason, identify the key concepts as you study and be precise to ensure your statement achieves its purpose which is to:

  • Describe the research goals and objectives
  • Show the contribution of your study to the existing knowledge
  • Include a rationale of the study
  • Clearly show what you will and not cover especially when applying for funding in a competitive fled
  • Describe the hypothesis or research questions
  • Definition of technical terms if there are any
  • State the research limitations

Review of literature

 This is a critical focus on the existing research that matters to your topic.  By the time you are getting ready to write the proposal, you should have identified some credible materials that relate to your research questions. They should give you a theoretical as well as an analytical approach to your research,  it demonstrates your understanding of the topic, justify your choice of the research design as well as illustrating the need to fill an existing gap through your study. Identifying the texts and writing this section can be overwhelming  causing you to buy custom thesis proposal but you must strive for excellence or because it helps you to:

  • Understand what other researchers say about your topic
  • Identify the various theories that have been used in the study
  • Know how other researchers have joined the conversation
  • Establish which methods and techniques are more suitable for your study

Also, you can check out for tips on how to draft a literature review which sources to include in your review, features of effective literature reviews by signing at  Here you get all the guides for your essays.


All successful proposals have this section.  It is a description of the means through which the research goals were achieved. It highlights the methods, procedures materials, and tasks involved in the process. In simple terms, it can be referred to as a research design.  It is a very key section and for it to consider effective it should accomplish the following:

  • Introduce the overall methodological approach to the study
  • Show how the chosen approach fits your research
  • Discuss the specific data collection techniques and methods that you will use
  • Describe how you will analyze and interpret the findings
  • Address possible limitations during the process of data collection
  • Provide a rationale and background on any method or procedure unfamiliar to the reader.

Also note that you may be required to support his section with relevant literature to show that this were the best method for your study.



Depending on your instructor you may be required to write this part separately to state the significance of the study.  Clearly state the contribution of your research and usefulness not only to your academic life but also in your field and society at large.

Overview of the chapters

Check out with your advisor if you need to include his section in your proposal to describe relevant chapters of your project.

Plan of work/Timeline

 Many proposals have a schedule that shows the dates when different project activities are set to begin and end. Timelines help in time management and setting of realistic goals and also helps advisor and committee determine if your project is feasible given the methods and institutional requirements such as the deadlines.  Proper time management is essential in determining your academic success; for the sake of your proposal keep the following in mind when creating your schedule:

  • Consult your advisor as you plan your work
  • Identify and keep important dates like when you need to submit and defend your thesis
  • Don be too ambitious

Be aware that this is only a proposed timeline. What is most important is being cognizant of the fact that you have a lot to do within a given time hence the need to do things right. Sometimes there may be foreseen events causing you to spend more time on some activity or even skip the activity. In such cases, you can ask for help from our professional thesis writers to help complete that particular activity or just buy custom thesis proposal that meets or the set guidelines.

Bibliography References and Appendices

 At the end of your proposal list all the works that inform your study and design.  Make sure you include all cited sources and maybe some of the sources you will cite in the project. You must also be careful to use the correct style as per the instructions. If you have questions about writing a bibliography is the home of professionals. We answer all your queries on time.

The appendices have all other important details but they couldn’t be captured in the body part of the proposal. This information may be in diagrams.

I believe after reading the above you can write an outstanding thesis proposal that will impress the advisor and committee. But if you are still confused about how to navigate through the process, buy custom thesis proposal that is of the highest quality and affordable.

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