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Do some research on Nikola Tesla and write a 1200 word paper on his relationship to AC power. How has this man affected our daily lives, and has he received the recognition that he deserves? Include interesting facts about his history and achievements.

Use a title page (not included in the 2-3 pages), 12 New Times Roman Font, double spaced, regular margins, and APA formatting for references. You will be graded on content, grammar, spelling, and proper formatting. Save as a Word .docx file and submit to this assignment.

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Introduction: Short Biography. 1

Tesla’s Relationship to AC Power 2

Tesla’s Effect on Daily Lives. 3

Achievements and Recognition. 4

Conclusion. 4

Introduction: Short Biography

Nikola Tesla is a renowned Serbian American inventor whose contribution to electricity can only be looked upon with great admiration. Aside from being an inventor, he was also a mechanical engineer, an electrical engineer, a physicist, and a futurist. He was born in 1856 in what is today Croatia. He immigrated to America in 1884 after gaining experience in electrical engineering and telephony. He decided to branch out on his own and set up laboratories and companies with the aim of developing various electrical devices. It is after breaking out from employment that he started to realize his full potential in the field of electricity.

Tesla’s ideas seemed so surreal that one would hardly believe that he was a university drop-out from the Graz University of Technology. Among his projects and later patents were the Alternating Current (AC), electrical conduction, high-voltage power, and high-frequency power experiments. Others included the Tesla coil, rotating magnetic field, induction motor, and the radio remote control vehicle. By the time of his death in January 1943, Nikola Tesla had received 700 patents all over Europe and the United States that mainly covered inventions in the field of science and technology.

Tesla’s Relationship to AC Power

As mentioned above, Nikola Tesla invented the Alternating Current (AC) electrical conduction. AC power entails a process through which electric charges in a conductor or semiconductor changes or reverses their direction at regular intervals in an electric current as opposed to its very well-known predecessor, Direct Current (DC), whose electric charge flows in only one direction in an electric current. DC power was invented by Tomas Alva Edison, a great self-taught electrical engineer known all over the world. Prior to his invention of AC power, Tesla had presented is idea to a number of potential investors, most of whom turned him down with the exception of Alfred. S. Brown, and Charles F. Peck, the Western Union Company superintendent and New York attorney respectively.

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Brown saw the potential in Tesla’s ideas and decided to invest in his peculiar idea of what he called an AC motor. On the other hand, Peck had quite a wealth of experience in the legal processes relating to patenting. Brown and Peck therefore decided to work together in setting up a company for Tesla and marketing his inventions in order to get a share of the profits. It is after the three came to a reasonable agreement on how the profits that were gained from the patents would be divided that they formed a company which they called the Tesla Electrical Company. They also set up a laboratory in Manhattan were Tesla spent most of his time working on creating or improving existing electrical devices.

With the company and the library in motion, Tesla soon managed to create the AC induction motor in 1887. It was built to run on an alternating current system that involved the process of generating a rotating magnetic field using polyphase current. This motor was a very practical design that did not need a commutator. A commutator is a device that was used to reverse the direction of the flow of electric charge mainly because, as mentioned earlier, Direct Current enabled the electrical charges to move in only one direction in an electric current. Shortly afterwards, Tesla made a demonstration on the alternating current system at the American Institute of Electrical Engineers, now called the IEE, which exposed him and his AC concept to the world.

Tesla’s Effect on Daily Lives

With the invention of the Alternating Current, induction motor, rotating magnetic field, radio remote control, and the Tesla coil among other inventions, Nikola Tesla managed to change our lives for good. He not only dedicated his entire adulthood to perfecting the electrical devices that were currently available but also to made subsequent inventions that were either cheaper, more practical, or easier to use. For instance, before developing the alternating current system, he noticed that the use of commutators in Direct Current accounted for high maintenance costs involving constant servicing and the regular replacement of the mechanical brushes that was required. Consequently, he developed the induction motor AC system in such a way that it did not need commutators, thus making it cheaper to maintain and easier to use.

Moreover, through Tesla’s inventions, many modifications have been made to the electrical power usage in Navy ships and aircrafts. While it is true that some generators still use DC power, it cannot go unnoticed that most aircrafts and Navy ships use the AC generators. The reason behind the massive use of these electrical systems all over the world is the fact that they are flexible and they vary in size. As such, it is considered more convenient for people to use AC generators than their DC counterparts. For instance, some hydroelectric plants like the Hoover Dam are extremely huge while typical automobiles are pretty small in size yet they both use AC generators as their electrical power source.

Achievements and Recognition

Nikola Tesla achieved numerous feats for the world of electrical engineering. He was indeed no ordinary man, and as such, his contributions to the modern outlook of technology could never have gone unnoticed. He was given the recognition he deserves for all the hard work that he put in during the whole invention process. For example, many things, places, and institutions are named after him. One the most significant ways in which his efforts were recognized was by being awarded accorded the Edison Medal in 1917. At that time, it considered the biggest honor that the American Institute of Electrical Engineers could give to a person.

The other important recognition is the fact that SI the unit for magnetic flux density was named after him. Additionally, the 10th of July is celebrated as Nikola Tesla Day in Croatia, and there is also an annual Nikola Tesla electric vehicle rally in the country. Some of the places that have been named after Tesla include the Nikola Tesla Museum Archive in Belgrade, the largest power plant in Serbia, the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, and a couple of Croatian streets. Some of the organizations named after him include Tesla Motors, which is an American electric car manufacturer and an electrical conglomerate, Tesla. These are just but a few of the numerous ways in which the world has sought to recognize the inventor’s contributions.


Many people have worked tirelessly to make the world what it is now, and one of them is Nikola Tesla. He is one of the many great inventors of the past century who have brought about massive changes to the world of electrical engineering. He invented AC power, thereby transforming the way electricity is used in industrial and domestic contexts. Those who supported and funded his ideas greatly contributed to his phenomenal success as an inventor. Today, governments and private-sector investors alike should fund people who come up with innovative ideas in the world of electrical engineering in efforts to improve on the foundation established by inventors like Tesla. Lastly, considering the tremendous change that Nikola Tesla brought to the world, he deserves all the recognition he continues to receive from governments and organizations.  

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