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Active learning strategies to guide you throughout your undergraduate academic program

Active learning is a learning strategy where students are actively engaged in the learning process. They interact with the course work materials through problem-solving, case studies, discussions, simulations, group work, peer teachings, and other methods. This also calls for a higher level of thinking where they analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the information available to them. So, active learning simply means students doing things for their academic success.


 The use of active learning strategies can lead to more effective and satisfying outcomes in one’s academic life. While in a lecture for a session, most students tend to lose their concentration after 10- 15 minutes while retention starts to drop after 10 minutes. Then what this means is that to attain better grades, students should actively engage with the materials to understand the concepts better.

Active learning strategies are important because of the following:

  • Reinforce essential materials, skills, and concepts
  • Provide more frequent and immediate feedback
  • Give the students an opportunity to talk and think about a reading material
  • Allow the students to process their course material
  • Enhance critical thing and problem-solving skills
  • Develop a positive learning attitude

In this article, I tell you how to be an active student throughout your undergraduate academic program by highlighting the basic elements for active learning. You will realize they are things you do on daily basis but without an understanding of how important they are. After reading this article you will be a more informed student. Also, do not forget that at essay writing services, you get all the academic help that you need, and with our cheap research papers, you will be at the top of your class.

Talking and listening– Students process and retain more information by actively asking questions, making presentations, commenting on a topic, explaining a concept to others, or answering questions. By asking, questions it means the students are actively listening to what the lecturer or fellow students in a discussion group are saying and want to be part of the conversation by relating, analyzing, and using what they are hearing.  Note that to be an active listener; you must avoid all sorts of distractions such as your mobile phone or conversing with others while a lecture is ongoing.  In addition, don’t be afraid of asking questions, do it in class, follow your professor to their office or email them the questions. Therefore, take part in discussions, interactive lectures, and cheap research papers writing services from to successfully complete your undergraduate program.

Writing– Taking notes in a class or when reading your course material is another great way of active learning.  Always carry a notebook and a pen or your laptop to class or discussion and make shorthand notes on the key concepts and in your own words. Note-taking prepares you for a discussion as it helps you organize your thoughts and reflections.  These notes are also very useful, especially when preparing for an exam or when doing your assignments. You can quickly check on a point for clarification.  However, if you found out that you left some important notes and you can write your assignments, is here for you. We have highly experienced professional writers of cheap research papers that are customized to meet your specific assignment’s needs.  Every paper is written from scratch and delivered on time thus you need not worry about plagiarism or delays. Learn more about effective studying and note-taking

Reading-Professors often assign numerous reading materials and they expect the students to learn through reading. While some students will read passively just to get it done, some will take part in active reading.  In the case of active readers, they will ask questions, make summaries, and reflect on the material. In other words, they do critical thinking and analysis where they try to get a deep insight into the material by looking for additional materials in the library and online to get more understanding.


Reflecting– Lecture sessions are full of information.  After the class, spend enough time and reflect on the information you gathered as soon as possible to retain as much as possible. Try to connect with the material to determine its application and implication.  As you do this, you become more knowledgeable about the topic and field. At this point, you are able to identify areas that need clarification and you will seek help immediately from or your lecturer.  

For any student who wants to realize their academic dreams and experience ease in their undergraduate academic program, the above strategies will do magic. So, identify your learning techniques, hours, practice the above strategies, and get cheap research papers from for an excellent performance.

Besides students taking an active role in their learning, it is also important that the lecturers help the student maximize their potential to become the best.  Therefore for students to take part in active learning the instructors need to do the following:

  • Change the expectations of the students on the program and syllabus on the very first day
  • Learn and understand their students
  • Explain to the students the value of active learning to their academic success
  • Set tasks that have relevance and purpose to the students
  • Encourage the students to reflect on what they have learned critically to get its meaning
  • Involve the students in negotiating the goals and methods of learning favorable to them
  • Continually change the task depending on the situation, need, and level of learning.

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