choose a topic of interest either industry analysis or meta-analysis.

you are required to choose a topic of interest either industry analysis or meta-analysis. (in Australia )
The project is concerned with the preparation of a research project to gain hands on experience of the application of marketing research into practice. You will have to collect data based on research questions relating to a specific research topic. you will be responsible for analysing the data and prepare the final reports. You can use surveys, questionnaires or any other method of data collecting.
based on analysis and interpretation of the results. Please note that the project is a practical research task and
requires an organised and consistent effort. The assignment will reflect the overall research skills that you have developed throughout this project. The project report will demonstrate your understanding of the various steps of the marketing research process in an applied setting.

Please write a report 1.5 spaced about 16-18 pages maximum (including references) Times New Roman 12 font.

In this study you will need to combine the results of other studies on the same topic to understand more
information regarding the shared area of inquiry. You will need to contrast and combine results of various
studies in order to identify any trend, pattern or the relationships. It conducts research on previous published
research. The second option is that, you can collect secondary data on certain topic and analyse using SPSS.

The analysis should include the following sections:
1. Background of the Problem (briefly)
2. Research Questions ( 3 to 5 Questions)
3. Objectives of the Study
4. Methodology
5. Abstract
6. Introduction
7. Significance of the Study
8. Literature Review
9. Methodology
10. Data Analysis
11. Results and Discussions
12. Conclusions, Implications and Recommendations
13. Limitations and Future Research
14. References
15. Sample of the survey used

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