should know how to use spss and anova Knowledge is comprehensive both as to breadth and depth. Student demonstrates an exceptional ability to contextualise, to grasp concepts and their inter-relationship, and/or to relate theory to practice. Clear evidence of independent thought. The presentation is highly literate, fluent and accurate. The material is presented in a focused way, so as to help sustain the argument. Citation is impeccable. Assignment 1 1. TITLE. • • • • • • • Review the literature relevant to the study • Starts broadly become more specific, taking the reader via a logical progression to the aims, objectives, predictions and hypotheses of the current study • No need to state hypotheses as H1 • No need to state the null hypothesis 3. METHOD. • Report the information you have been given about the study using the appropriate headings. Information for the method section should be collated from the RM ANOVA lab slides, the Factorial ANOVA lab slides and materials folder in unihub 4. RESULTS. • USE THE ‘REPORTING STATISTICS IN PSYCHOLOGY’ DOCUMENT ON UNIHUB AS YOUR GUIDE FOR THIS SECTION • Descriptive statistics table • Graphs • Results of Main ANOVA (NOT IN TABLE!!) • Test of HoV (Levene test) • Test of simple effects TYPE OF SESSION = 3 x t-test • Bonferroni correction • Test of simple effects TYPE OF COACHING = 2 x Univariate ANOVA • Tests of HoV (Levene test) • No Bonferroni correction • Post Hoc Tests 5. DISCUSSION. • Start by restating the results in words without statistics or using statistical language. • How do the results relate to the predictions / research questions? • Discuss the results in terms of previous research and theory (should be main part of discussion) • Constructive criticism of the study and study method • Suggestions for future research

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