Community Assessment – Including Windshield Assessment & Family Assessment

Community Assessment – Including Windshield Assessment & Family Assessment (30%) – Due by___________

Upon completion of this assignment the student will have:

  1. Utilized observational skills to assess a community
  2. Utilized community health nursing literature
  3. Assessed a family within the community.
  4. Practiced writing skills based on analysis and synthesis of information.
  5. Exhibited a deeper understanding of the issue on which to form a personal opinion


Perform a community assessment using the guidelines in Chapter 6 of your textbook (Nies & McEwen).  List each area on the assessment- then describe the information pertinent to that area.


  • Describe your initial impressions of the area (including general impressions and impressions as a registered nurse).
  • Do you note any bias in your impressions based on your life experiences? If so, describe a plan to ensure that your bias will not influence your care for members in this community/population.
  • Based on your community assessment, determine current and potential issues that may affect the health of this community (illegal aliens, teen-age pregnancy, vandalism, access to transportation, etc.).  Include a discussion of vital statistics for this geographic area.
  • Based on your assessment of the community and what you have learned about community / public health trends, what recommendations would you offer to members of the community?
  • What venue and whom would you present your recommendations? (County Commissioner meeting, Neighborhood Meeting, etc.)
  • Include information from the literature for support of your recommendations.


Writing the Assessment Paper:

  • Use paragraph format for discussing / answering the questions of the assessment.
  • Utilize a minimum of five credible references.
  • Use APA 6th edition revised format


Criteria for Grading the Community Assessment:


  1. Each of the six components of the Windshield Survey

(Box 6-2) is discussed. [four points for each component]                     24 points        

  1. Detail how the survey was done:

How often was the community observed

During what time(s)

Utilize at least two sources of secondary analysis

Briefly survey at least two members of the community                             8 points

  1. Impressions described (general & nursing)    5 points
  2. Bias of initial impressions & how to diminish you bias when

working with identified community / population                                        5 points

  1. Issues [real and potential] for the health of the

community are clearly described  following eight Community

Assessment Parameters (Table 6-1).  [2 points/component]                       8 points

  1. Family Assessment (with Eco-map and Geno-map)   12 points
  2. Recommendations & method(s) for introducing recommendations   10 points

are discussed.                                                           

  1. Written in APA with using correct grammar and mechanics    20 points   
  2. Brief oral presentation of assessment and recommendations with

community resource guide handbook                                                           8 points

Total Possible Points                                                                                 100 points


Family Assessment Component of the Community Assessment Paper:

A family assessment is to be completed on a client and family within the community assessed.  The Friedman Family Assessment Tool (short form) is to provide a basis for gathering information.  The completed assessment tool, ecomap, and genogram will be attached as an appendix to the paper.  A summary of the results including overview of the family (with date, time, place of interviews), positive and detrimental health aspects,  and recommendations will be included in the body of the paper.  A minimum of 3 credible resources are to be cited and referenced.

Criteria for Grading the Family Assessment:

  1. Utilize the Family Assessment Tool (p. 392-393)

Use the components as an outline, with appropriate discussion.                     3 points

  1. Completion of a genogram (p. 393 – add medical history) 2 points
  2. Complete Ecomap (p. 393) 2 points
  3. Discuss positive aspects of the family and aspects that are

or may be detrimental to health                                                                      4 points

  1. Discuss recommendations with rationale.
  2. Provide details of assessment interview(s) / observations                                1 points


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