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Introduction 2
Agency Information 2
Theoretical Perspective 2
Family Engagement 3
Conclusion 3
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Hope Childcare Agency is the name of this community resource agency. It is located in the rural area of Sacramento, CA, and its primary purpose is to provide resources to needy children. These resources include mental health care services, nutrition, love, and care.


Agency Information
HCA provides care to children with emotional, physical, and social needs. The age group of these children ranges from 0 to 15 years. A resource and referral agency and the local health departments manage the referral process. They are responsible for identifying the family that requires help, educating them on the requirements, and directs them to this agency. The families’ requirements include; a state license, which allows them to access these services and provide details of the child and parents or a close relative. The families must adhere to the agency’s rules and regulations to prevent the withdrawal of services by the agency. When the child attains 15, they may be incorporated into the agency as a subordinate or referred to other agencies for assistance.

Theoretical Perspective
HCA is a non-profitable agency that is gradually expanding. It operates in terms of donations and governmental support. According to (Lewis et al. 2011), human service organizations tremendously vary based on size, financial sources, and profitability status. These organizations can also be grouped as a government entity, public agency, or an individual organization.

Family Engagement
This agency can engage with families in different ways. First, it can organize a sports and curriculum activity that will involve different families. This will promote free interaction as well as building a relationship between the families and the agency. This should be a part of the agency’s giving back to the community projects.

The second way to engage a family is through a workshop. Setting up a workshop for the families will help engage them with the agency and know more about the agency. The agency can also be a guest speaker on events within the locality. This is another way of engaging with families.
Generally, HCA is giving hope to many people of Sacramento, CA. Therefore, the establishment of more agencies will significantly impact their lives.

Lewis, J. A., Packard, T. R., & Lewis, M. D. (2011). Management of human service programs. Cengage Learning.

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