Compare Adam and Eve in the film “Only Lovers Left Alive” with the Ancient Biblical text Genesis 1:1-5:5

YOUR SOURCES: very important!! The ancient text under your topic- Genesis 1:1-5:5 (Bible) The contemporary film under your topic- “Only Lovers Left Alive” (2013) The scholarly work under your topic -Elaine Pagels, Adam, Eve, and the Serpent: Sex and Politics in Early Christianity, pp. xvi-xxvii objective of this assignment is to critically analyze how a famous story of an ancient Greek or Biblical character continues to hold relevance or even shape the contemporary context. Your film is a ‘two-level drama’ – on one level, it is a modern story, on a second, allegorical level, it is a re-telling and adaptation of the Greek or Biblical story.1. Thesis Statement: In your introduction paragraph, you must include a thesis statement that the rest of the paper will support. Each paragraph should function to support the thesis.A thesis is an original contribution to a research question (so, you first need to develop a question that you will answer with your paper). Your thesis should be based on – and take further – what other scholars have said about the question, and it should be attentive to primary data, which, in this case is a biblical tradition and a film. Thesis process: first, ask yourself: How is the movie similar and different from the biblical story?Differences: ask, why is the film different in these ways? Is there something about contemporary culture that would have prevented the story from resonating if the filmmakers told it more closely to the way it was originally composed? Are elements of the original narrative omitted in order to make the modern re-telling more believable, less offensive/repulsive, or, generally, more relevant in the modern context? Similarities: ask, why were filmmakers able to tell a contemporary story that resembles so closely features of the ancient story? Have these ancient stories shaped elements of our own culture that we take for granted, such as gender hierarchy, gender roles, or notions of what makes a hero?From this type of questioning, you can develop a thesis. Perhaps watching a revised film version of the original story will raise new questions for you about an element of ancient or contemporary culture. Or perhaps it will encourage you to pursue a question about how contemporary cultures have been influenced by ancient stories in a specific way.2. Demonstrated knowledge of required readings: Your paper should demonstrate to us that you’ve read and thought critically about your article(s) and primary text. You do not need to summarize everything. You just need to base your paper on a close reading of all required material.3. Analysis of your film: It is expected that your paper will discuss both similarities and differences between the ancient story and the modern film version of the story, and devise a manageable thesis in light of this comparison..5. Bibliography: You must include a bibliography at the end of your paper. The File Attached to this is scholarly reading you need to use for your sources. along with the sources in the film and in Genesis 1:1-5:5

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