compose an essay based upon your observations of President Obama’s speech regarding Marriage Equality.

Unit 3: Federal, State, and Local Governments


For this assignment you will be composing an essay based upon your observations.

Follow the link to review the recent speech by President Obama regarding Marriage Equality.:


Be sure to address the following points and answer the following questions within the body of the essay:

  • An introduction;
  • Describe the observed event in detail, including the environment and people involved.
  • Describe how the event is directly related to the study of American government and politics and how one may better understand these topics by attending a similar event.
  • Make note of any aspects of the event that seemed confusing to you and/or any questions that came to mind during the observation.
  • A conclusion;



Be sure to follow these guidelines when writing your essay:

  • A properly formatted (APA-style)title and reference page;
  • Parenthetical citations(APA-style), when appropriate;
  • At least two double-spaced pages in thebody of the paper (Times New Roman font/12 point size);
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