Contact Sports and concussion

ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY ASSIGNMENT (Part 1 of project) Your annotated bibliography is an assignment to assist you in researching your topic for your presentation. You will find FIVE reliable and trustworthy sources related to your chosen issue. These sources should provide information regarding the impact of your topic at the local, national and global levels. Remember that you will have to look at more than five sources to find ones that are relevant and applicable. The annotated bibliography includes the citation for each source, a brief summary of each source, and a one or two sentence evaluation of the source’s relevance to your issue. Listed below is a basic outline for you to follow, and the grading rubric. Format: 1. State your issue as a title or a problem statement at the top of your AB. 2. Cite each source in proper APA format. Each citation will come before the summary of that source. These should be organized in alphabetical order. 3. A brief summary of the source (book, chapter, research article, newspaper article, etc.) This should be no longer than one paragraph. It cannot be a copied paragraph or abstract! This would be plagiarism!! 4. 1-2 sentences that explain the relevance and importance of this information to your issue. Additional Guidelines: 1. Please write in an academic style. This is not a text or email to a friend. 2. Proofread for grammar, spelling and sentence clarity. 3. Include various sources. Try to find at least one peer-reviewed journal article which is research-based. 4. Complete, concise, and well-constructed annotations around 150 words each. (No longer than 250 words). The annotations are to guide you and to give your readers some background on the source. They do not provide all of the information that you will be covering in your presentation.

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