Criminal Justice Essay


Given the system that exists in administration of justice in the United States, what elements of the system do you feel work well or impede the completion of the judicial process? Does our judicial process relate to biblical principles? Explain your answer. You must use current APA style. You must cite 1 scholarly-quality internet-based source/reference and 1 biblical source/reference to support your answer. Both sources must offer a specific connection to the discussion topic.


The Judicial Process

In the current system of the administration of justice in the United States, the main element that works well is adherence to the due process. In America, accused persons tend to have an opportunity to be subjected to a free and fair trial. In most cases, judges, defense lawyers, prosecutors, and jury members play a vital role in ensuring that the rights of both the plaintiff and the defendants are not violated. One of the main reasons for their positive contribution to the administration of justice in the country is that their roles are well defined by federal and state statutes as well as the Constitution.


Nevertheless, there are a number of factors that impede the completion of the judicial process, the main one being failure by judicial leaders to focus on policy-level issues while delegating administrative responsibilities to court administrators in a clear and concise manner. Consequently, court governance problems tend to arise, leading to a situation where policy issues are undermined at the operational level. The other major impediment is the overlapping jurisdiction in various states (Gersen, 2006). This situation leads to duplication of duties and a corresponding increase in the number of barriers citizens must transcend to have their disputes resolved and justice served.

Despite these challenges, our judicial process may be said to relate to biblical principles because it is founded on the principles of equality before the law, justice for all citizens, and fair trial. In Amos 5: 24, The Bible (New International Version) (n.d) says: “Let justice roll on like a river”. This statement best captures the founding principles that the U.S. justice system is founded. Across the country and throughout its history, political and judicial and religious leaders have continued to unite in the pursuit of socio-economic, political, and legal changes aimed at ensuring that the quality of judicial services is continuously being enhanced.


Gersen, J. (2006). Overlapping and underlapping jurisdiction in administrative law. Supreme Court Review, 161, 1-51. The Bible (New International Version) (n.d). Amos 5:24. Colorado Springs, CO: Biblica

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