Cultural Motivated Deviant Behavior: Examining the Relationship Between Culture, Race, Personality

FALL 2022


Each group is required to write 5 –7-page research paper. The final copy must be properly documented, using the APA style, and double-spaced. Before you submit the paper use spell check, check grammar and punctuations, and make sure that you follow and use the APA for your citations and references. Make use of Safe Assign for plagiarism check before you submit your paper to avoid plagiarism.

A minimum of six (6) scholarly references.
– journal articles or academic quality book chapters on your selected topic by different reputable social scientific authors.


1. Abstract
abstracts are particularly useful. Often only 100 to 300 words, the abstract generally provides a broad overview and is never more than a page. It describes the essence, the main theme of the paper. It includes the research question posed, its significance, the methodology, and the main results or findings. Footnotes or cited works are never listed in an abstract. Remember to take great care in composing the abstract. It’s the first part of the paper the instructor reads. It must impress with a strong content, good style, and general aesthetic appeal. Never write it hastily or carelessly.

2. Introduction
Components of an Introduction includes the following:
• An overview of the topic.
• Prior research.
• A rationale for your paper.
• Describe the methodology you used.
• A thesis statements.

3. Literature Review
The main purpose of the literature review is to provide a systematic analysis of the predominant perspectives existing within the literature. In presenting the findings of theorists and researchers do not merely list authors and their results; try to organize the material in such a way that you are able to group authors and findings according to a number of predominant points of view/approaches. Based on the organization of the material in this way, the main text of the literature review should consist of the explanation of the major approaches that you have identified, and the presentation of several significant findings/theories of individuals working within these perspectives.
1) Make sure that your literature review is organized and coherent.
2) What are the research results of studies dedicated to your area of interest?
3) What theoretical explanations have been used to explain and account for these results?

4. Conclusion
After spending a great deal of time and energy introducing and arguing the points in the main body of the paper, the conclusion brings everything together and underscores what it all means. A stimulating and informative conclusion leaves the reader informed and well-satisfied. A conclusion that makes sense, when read independently from the rest of the paper, will win praise.
5. Reference Page (s)
Grading Criteria

All term papers must comply with academic standards of quality and excellence. Papers are to be each student’s own original work. Groups who plagiarize will receive no points for the paper. Plagiarism is stealing another person’s work, words and ideas and passing them off as your own. Paper topics must be course related. They will be scored in accordance with the following criteria.
Area 1 Abstract & Introduction (20%)
a) Depth and Comprehensiveness–Were a sufficient number of relevant sources utilized to provide a thorough exploration of the topic?
b) Appropriateness of References–Were scholarly materials used?
Area 2 Analysis – Literature Review (50%)
a) Adequate Description of Major Themes and Findings–Does the descriptive or narrative portion of the paper contain sufficient detail? Are basic structures and processed discussed?
b) Synthesis of Subject Matter–Does the paper reflect an understanding of various aspects of the topic and how they relate to one another?
c) Quality of Criticism–Are major criticisms and/or weaknesses thoroughly reviewed? Are there sufficient examinations of adequacy and/or effectiveness?
Area 3 Form and Style (10%)
a) Organization–Is the paper organized in an orderly fashion with topic headings?
b) Style–Is the writing style coherent? A good reference book on style is Strunk & White, Elements of Style.
c) Grammar–Are words used and spelled correctly, are paragraphs used, and are all sentences complete? Are contractions avoided?
d) References and Citations–Are references properly cited and acknowledged in the body and at the end of the paper?
APA Format. Papers must be typed or word-processed and must be double-spaced.
Area 4 Cover, Citation and Reference (20%)

NOTE: Reference pages will not be counted as part of the 5 or 7-page.

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