Discrimination, African Americans & Incarceration

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Assignment: Final Project – Discrimination of African Americans and Incarceration 15–20 pages (not including references, title page, or abstract) For your Final Project, you are asked to select an issue related to the human services profession or society in general. You will use concepts explored in the course to create a plan for a professional or societal change project. The Final Project must include the following (you may wish to use the bulleted items below as the basis for topic headings throughout your paper): • The professional or societal issue that concerns you—one that could be improved from social change, leadership, and/or advocacy. Explain why the issue is of concern to you. Also explain the “merits of the cause,” including (but not limited to) how addressing the issue might contribute to the human services profession or a society that supports the mental health and welfare of its members. • The needed change: Describe a specific change you think is needed that would address the issue you selected, as well as how the change might help to address the issue. • Goals: Describe three or more manageable goals that might begin the process of bringing about the identified change. Explain how working toward these goals might help promote the desired change. These goals should relate to one of or a combination of the following: social change, leadership, or advocacy. • Analysis: Using either a force-field analysis or SWOT analysis, identify and briefly describe the forces—people, elements of the environment, resources, leadership, substantive knowledge, political expertise and/or experience in creating change—working for and against the achievement of your goal(s). • Objectives: Develop and describe up to three specific objectives for meeting your goal(s). You may need or wish to include an objective(s) that reduces or eliminates one of the forces working against the achievement of your goal(s) or strengthens one of the forces working in favor of the goal. • Action plan: Develop an action plan to meet the objectives using social change, leadership, and advocacy theories and processes. This plan should include specific steps you would take to meet the objectives you identified. Be specific, and provide examples of how you would use social change, leadership, and advocacy theories and processes. • Evaluation: Explain how you might evaluate the effectiveness of the action plan. • Ethics and diversity: Explain any ethical issues and guidelines, as well as equity and diversity opportunities and challenges related to the issue, goals, objectives, and/or actions to be taken. Explain how you might address these issues and guidelines in carrying out your action plan. • Projected results: Anticipate and explain what you think might happen if you implemented your plan successfully. Be specific. • Resources: As students, you often use peer-reviewed articles to support your ideas. As human services professionals, a multitude of resources are at your disposal to help keep you abreast of current issues and topics. Using the Internet or current literature, find at least three reputable resources (e.g., print literature, videos, websites, news stories) related to the issue you selected. Cite the resources using APA guidelines. Also include a brief summary of the resources as they relate to your issue. Please note that Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly reference and thus is not accepted as a citable source. • References: Select a minimum of 10 empirically based references, in addition to the resources you identified above, that you wish to cite. Your citations should come from peer-reviewed journals and reputable periodicals. • Reflection: o Explain how you would characterize the relationships among social change, leadership, and advocacy. o Explain how your understanding of social change, leadership, and advocacy has shifted your perspective on the issue you selected, what you can do about it, and your sense of personal efficacy in bringing about needed changes in the human services professions or society.

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