ECT-437 Spring 2016

Are you ready to embrace the “power” at your fingertips?
You are invited, by the instructor, to participate! The instructions are included for your participation to be successful.
In ECT-437 (TR) Spring class, you will possibly journey where no student has traveled before….
BIG Question:
Do you work and play well with others or are you so skilled and talented that you just do it all by yourself?
As you pursue the study and coursework of project management, you will be involved in participating in the most major asset of a successful project called “Teamwork”.
1. Read the BIG question.
2. Before you begin writing, give it some thought and then make notes.
3. Place the BIG Question as a “heading” then your answer; all typed in a word document.
4. Limit your answer 750-1000 words.
5. At the top of the document put your name, 991#, course identification, date.
Example: J. J. Doe
ECT-437 Fall 2015
Aug. 20, 2015
6. Bring a printed copy of the document to the first day of class; Jan. 12th at 12:30pm in room TC304, Myers Technology Center.
7. If all instructions for this invitation are met, you will receive 25 “Bonus” points.


* project management

– what is a project ?
– what makes a team successful?
– what makes a good leader?
– what makes a project a success?

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