Elderly Interview and Final Paper

Psy233: Assignment 3: Interview & Final Paper (100 pts) Submit a 3-4 page paper (not including cover page, abstract, or reference page) that includes the following 3 parts. For ease of grading follow the format listed below. Part I. Introduction. Background information on the individual (10 pts) Part II. Interview an elderly individual. Ask the person the following questions. Thank the person for agreeing to the interview. Assure him that the answers will remain confidential, only to be shared with the professor for educational purposes and none of his identifying information will be included (Do not put real names in this paper). 1) (10 pts) Ask if the person is single, married, divorced, widowed. How does the person feel about that? a. According to text learning, what does the marital status predict about longevity? 2) (10 pts) Does the person have children? How many? Grandchildren? Do they live close by? How often do they visit? 3) (10 pts ) Who does the person have regular social contact with? What activities does the person engage in with friends? a. According to text learning what does the social contact in the above two questions predict about longevity 4) (10 pts) Does the person still drive? If not, who takes the person to appointments? a. According to text learning, what does the sense of autonomy and control predict about longevity? b. Life satisfaction? 5) (10 pts) What does the person currently do to keep mentally active? a. According to text learning, what does this level of activity predict about mental health? b. and cognitive health? 6) (10 pts) What does the person currently do to keep physically active? a. What does this level of activity predict about mental health? b. Cognitive health? c. longevity? 7) (5 pts) What medical conditions does the person have? What medications does the person take? a. Is this person’s medical health normative for his/her age? 8) (5 pts) What does the person consider to be his strengths? What is the person struggling with that used to be easy? How have they adapted to maintain functioning? 9) (10 pts) Develop 5 questions of your own (based on key themes in the text) that you feel might be valuable and tie the results in to text learning to make predictions on the person’s well-being and longevity. Record your questions and answers verbatim. (* 9a is on the next page) a). If you were assigned to be a home health nurse for this person (the person that you interviewed, after a minor procedure), what would your intervention be based on his/her current level of functioning? Make sure to include: a. A set of physical interventions b. A set of cognitive interventions c. A set of social/emotional interventions NOTE: 10% of your grade will be adherence to APA formatting guidelines. Your paper should: • Use APA format. Please follow example in CAMS (in hyperlinks) as a template for your paper. • Be numbered as these prompts are numbered, for ease of grading. • Should include a cover page, abstract, and reference page o A cover page contains your information and is the 1st page of your paper. Please follow APA example for exact content o An abstract, which should be 50-250 words, is basically a summary of your paper and is the 2nd page of your paper. An abstract should “preview” others as to what your paper is about, but should not contain as much detail as your paper o A reference page is the last page of your paper and should contain more detailed information about each citation in your paper  A citation is where, in your paper, you give credit to the source of your information. As a general rule, anything which is not common knowledge or your own thoughts/ideas, needs to be cited. • Be typed, double spaced, have 1 inch margins, and be in a 12-point Times New Roman font. • Be 3-4 pages of content (not including the cover page, abstract or reference page)

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