Essay Questions Public Policy 500 words each w/ three sources

Discuss lobbying reforms, including the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 and efforts under the Bush and Obama administrations. Were these reforms effective? Will they reduce the perceived corruption in lobbying activities?


Explain how the Patriot Act increased Federal powers for search, seizure, surveillance and detention. Please also discuss concerns voiced by privacy and civil rights advocates regarding the law’s different provisions.

With your essays, I am looking for sound arguments, specific details and support from a variety of sources.  This means an introductory/thesis statement, several supporting paragraphs and a conclusion.  Writing three or four general sentences might qualify as the introduction to a fully developed essay, but not as one in and of itself.  Aim for at least 500 words per essay.  Please identify sources used in the text of the essay, and place a list of sources at the bottom of your answer (a minimum of three).


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