Ethical Decision Making & Training

As part of the APUS efforts for innovation in technology, your instructor has created news feed links that are specific to the subject of business. Both of the yellow titles below are links to separate news articles about business. Each week you are required to find one news article (From either link below) that relates to your personal interests and discuss how that article relates to our weekly reading material. Tell your instructor what the article was about and how the article relates to two of the key terms in our text. You should post the evaluation of the article at the end of your response to the discussion questions each week (Include this section as part of your 300 word response). The news feeds are updated throughout the day/week to provide you with a real-time learning environment.
Which individual characteristics impact ethical beliefs, sensitivities, intentions, and behaviors? Which of these might you find as part of a decision making or hiring process? Use key terms from our text to support your thoughts.
Describe Icek Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior. How does this relate to other material in our text this week?Use specific terms from our text to support your link to the material in our text.
To tie in the week’s lesson use either : or

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