European Alliances, Wars, Dictatorships, & Depression

Describe three key events or policies that led to the outbreak of War in Europe in 1914. What nation would you say deserved primary responsibility for leading Europe into war in 1914?
2 pages about 500 words. Papers should be double-spaced and submitted in MLA format and in Microsoft Word, Use 2 resources in addition to you textbook. Caution Wikipedia is not an acceptable source, as it is not refereed,
My book for this semester is Donald Kagan, Steven Ozment, Frank Turner and Alison Frank, The Western Heritage. Columbia College Custom Edition. (Boston: Pearson Education) 2015.
library. Be sure to document your
sources properly using either the MLA or
Turabian (Chicago Manual of Style) format.
Be sure to review the Plagiarism Tutorial in the co
website before submitting your first essay. Essays
that contain any plagiarized material will receive
zero points.

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