Faces/Causes of Homelessness

Discussion Forum #1: In this first week, we begin with a discussion focused on the “faces” of homelessness. Before getting into the causes of homelessness, let us first ask – who are the “homeless” and what are some of the characteristics of the people who become homeless? After reading the case studies provided in the Module One Readings, what would you say are the common characteristics between case studies? How are they unique and different from one another? Do any of the descriptions surprise you or challenge any of your assumptions about homelessness? What implications would you say they have for our understanding of homelessness? Discussion Participation Rubric 250 words or less. One primary answer to the discussion forum question and at least two responses to classmates. Because this is a professional program, the focus is on quality rather than quantity. That said, if you plan to post only one comment in weekly discussion, it would be insufficient to provide the critical analysis this program expects. This is your chance to explore an urgent and relevant topic in social welfare and an equally important opportunity to formulate your own ideas and understanding of the core concepts and values that define social work practice.

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