What services do you offer?

We do all types of academic assignments.

The most common types of academic assignments we work on include:

Essays, term papers, theses, coursework, proofreading, lab reports, article reviews, case studies, essay editing, movie reviews, admission essays, literature reviews, essay formatting, scholarship essays, and research proposals. Others include application papers, personal statements, dissertation services, speeches/presentations, reflection/reaction papers, personal statements, and annotated bibliographies.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If you have any kind of an academic project, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.

Fortunately, our Order page lists all the services in a friendly way. It’s like a friendly checklist made with you in mind. You can even attach a source, grading rubric, sample paper, or any additional materials required to complete your assignment.

How about academic disciplines?

Our writers are proficient in all academic disciplines, from management, business, nursing, international relations and sociology to accounting, human resources management, history, healthcare, finance, and political science. They are experienced researchers who will complete your college, undergraduate, master’s and doctoral papers in a professional manner.

My course has different essay types. Will you write them all?

We handle all types of essays. Whether you want an exposition, narrative or argumentative essay, we’ll deliver.

Don’t worry about short deadlines for your latest assignment. Our writers are on standby to complete them.

What about assignments whose sources I cannot locate online?

Unable to retrieve a journal article or textbook online? We’ll do that for you. We maintain access to leading academic databases, including Ashford Writing Center, ProQuest, Jstor, and Ebscohost. This gives us access to millions of up-to-date peer-reviewed journal articles and other academic writing resources.

Are your writers proficient in APA formatting?

All our papers are formatted according to APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard, or Oxford, depending on your preference.

Our services are tailored to meet the academic needs of college and university students across the United States.

I’ve bought papers online in the past that turned out to be plagiarized. Is your service any different?

We deliver 100% original papers written empirically based on instructions, with reference to credible academic sources, and formatted according to APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago styles as appropriate.

Is there a writer available to work on my urgent paper at the moment?

Go to Order Now to specify your topic, deadline, academic level, number of pages, number of sources, and paper details. The most qualified writer will be assigned to work on your paper, and we will send you an email notification once it is ready so that you can login to our system to download it.

Order Placement, Progress, and Delivery:

How can I place an order with the company?

Go to our Order Form and specify your topic, deadline and subject/discipline. The form also has a section where you can create your personal profile (Please store your profile/signup details -username and password – safely as you will be needing them every time you need to check on the progress of your work and to download your complete paper.)

Don’t let the numerous spaces to fill overwhelm you. You don’t have to fill in everything in one sitting. The system auto-saves each detail instantly. Shut down your computer/smartphone at any time and the order will be listed in the system the next time you open the website.

How can I send files my writer needs in order to write the paper?

Any of these avenues will do:

  1. Attach it while placing your order
  2. Attach after paying for your order and going to the Manage Orders > clicking order title/number >then clicking Files.
  3. If you had already logged out, log back in, go to the Manage Orders > click order title/number >then click Files.
  4. Email the file to us via support@mycourseworkhelp.com
  5. Live Chat: Our Live Chat has a feature for attaching files. Initiate a Live Chat session and attach the file during the chat session.
  6. Text us on WhatsApp Messenger
  7. Call us: +1 415 256 4347

Can you guys write a paper for me if I can’t provide the necessary references?

We have given all our writers access to the world’s leading online libraries and databases through which they can carry out scholarly research using references that are related to your paper. In fact, for some of our clients, the need to send references does not arise because many of the references are accessible via online libraries. Nonetheless, we understand that there are situations where the nature of the essay necessitates the use of the references that the client has uploaded, for example class notes, presentations, classroom demonstration videos, and questionnaires.

How long will it take to write my essay?

We follow the deadline you give us.

We have highly competent and experiences academic experts who will rush through the instructions, undertake the required research, and deliver an excellent-grade paper on time. We are always stretching the limits of speed and quality to satisfy you. We never tire of putting in place all the necessary measures derived from our wealth of experience to complete such urgent term papers satisfactory and within your preferred deadlines. Order your urgent paper now and our writers will get down to work immediately!

For the best quality outcomes, try to match the deadline you select with the length of the paper. For papers longer than 3 pages, use the “one page per hour” rule. This means 4 pages will take a minimum of 4 hours to complete, 5 pages will take 5 hours, 6 pages will take 6 hours, and so on.

How will I know about the progress being made on my order?

Try any of these options to stay updated:

  1. Keep logging in to the website to see the progress as it is updated constantly.
  2. The countdown of the deadline you have selected happens in real time.
  3. We send you email notifications (unless you opt out) to alert you when the order is ready.
  4. You can login at any time and drop your writer a message to see how the work is turning out.
  5. Use our Live Chat. It is online most of the time: Start a Live chat session and we’ll be happy to share info about the progress.
  6. You can email us: support@mycourseworkhelp.com
  7. Or call us: +1 415 256 4347
  8. Or text us on WhatsApp Messenger

Can I request my writer to send me a draft?

Yes you can. Just remember to indicate this in the order instructions. Alternatively, you can use the messaging system to place your request and our support team will facilitate the timely delivery of the draft.

Will I be notified once my paper is ready?

Yes. Simply visit our website, login to your personal profile, and download the completed paper from there. If you would prefer to have your paper sent to your email, kindly make a request on the same.


Are your writers qualified?

We are always working to enforce a strict selection procedure for our workforce, which comprises of writers, professors, and teachers. Once they are employed, our Quality Assurance Department monitors and evaluates their performance on a regular basis to ensure that they are always providing the best term paper writing services.

Do you have writers who have specialized in my area of study?

We employ writers from diverse academic disciplines, including but not limited to, management, sociology, mathematics, chemistry, music, history, international relations, geography, medicine, law, human resource management, project management, English, literature, linguistics, anthropology, information science, engineering, aviation, business studies, accounting, business administration, public relations, art, and nursing. In other words, the range of our essay writing services cuts across all academic disciplines.

Whether you are a social sciences or natural sciences student, you need not worry about our ability to meet your term paper writing needs. Our experienced writers are also holders of at least a Master’s degree in their areas of specialization.

Custom Writing Services:

What are the different types of custom writing services that your company offers?

We offer a wide range of custom writing services to meet the academic needs of our clients. They include: term papers, research papers, essays, speeches/presentations, annotated bibliographies, dissertation services, lab reports, research proposals, movie reviews, proofreading, essay editing, article reviews, essay formatting, admission essays, scholarship essays, personal statements, admission services, and application papers.

What is your pricing policy?

Everything is straightforward:

-Price is length-based: the shorter the paper the lower the price.

-Price is also time-based: The longer the deadline the lower the price.

-Non-technical disciplines have a lower price than technical ones.

-Number of sources does not affect price.

-Premium features are optional. You won’t be charged for them unless you select them when filling in the order form.

Quality, Timeliness, and Confidentiality Guarantees:

Will you deliver my paper on time?


Will my paper contain any form of plagiarism?


Do you have quality guarantee on your services?

Yes, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our services. This is because we always endeavor to understand our clients’ needs and expectations before commencing any work. As former professors, teachers, and research assistants, our writers have the requisite knowledge and conceptual understanding to know what is expected of each assignment. Apart from understanding the academic aspects of the instructions, they also have exact experience relating to specific disciplines. Moreover, we take pride in our work and therefore happily guarantee your satisfaction.

What happens if I am not satisfied with the term paper?

Our core objective is to ensure that the paper meets all your requirements. To achieve this objectives, our Support Team is online to ensure that any amendments you recommend on the paper are addressed by our writers. Thus, you can request your writer to revise your paper in case you are not satisfied with it. Simply press the Request Revision button in your client profile and fill in your revision instructions in the instructions box. We value you as a customer and we consider it our primary duty to ensure your full satisfaction with our custom essay writing services.

How can I know if your services are confidential and secure?

We understand that privacy, security, and confidentiality are the core values on which our business relationship is founded. We’re using the latest encryption protocols to host the website online, store all the info you share with us confidentially and process payments securely.

At MyCourseworkHelp.com, we will never disclose your personal information to any third party under any circumstances. We value you as a customer and for this reason we will never disclose your personal information to third parties.

General Questions:

What discounts are you currently offering?

Discounts on offer are displayed in the form of coupon codes in the order form. The order form is the webpage where you fill in the details of your order before paying.

Our most exciting discount offers, though, come through referrals. Get USD50 credit for every person you refer to our website!

How to claim the referral discount: Share with us the person’s name and email address, and get USD50 added to your Wallet immediately he/she places an order with us.

How advantageous is your term paper writing service?

Our company easily stands out from the crowd because of its commitment to quality and excellence. Our years of experience have enabled us to undertake radical, forward-looking improvements on our customer service system. As a result, our customers are able to communicate with their writers, upload instructions, view order status, add new files, undertake billing verification, and download their assignment in a hassle-free manner. At MyCourseworkHelp.com, we are also constantly hiring new writers as a way of enhancing the quality of products that we deliver and adapting to customers’ preferences. Additionally, you can call or chat with our Support Team 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

How different are you from other online essay writing companies

-Our company has very experienced professionals.

-High satisfaction rate due to our high quality of service.

-We are pioneers of the custom writing industry.

-Our intuitive, mobile-fast, feature-rich easy-to use ordering system: everything works as it should. It’s a marvel.

What are the benefits of the custom essays and term papers provided by your company?

It takes professional writers years of hard work to come up with a masterpiece, be it a novel or a coursebook. With this in mind, you can imagine how difficult it can be for a student who is required to write a perfect essay within a short deadline. For over a decade, our writing has been writing academic assignments of all kinds.

This explains why our custom essay writing company ranks highly in the academic writing industry. Our services help students to overcome anxiety that comes with the essay-writing process by obtaining model copies of assignments that they can use in their own writing tasks.

Not all students gain the conceptual understanding of the topics taught in class at the time the concepts are introduced. These students require assistance to catch up with their classmates. This is where we come in; students simply send us instructions and we write their assignments.

More importantly, hiring our custom essay writing services gives these students an opportunity to get an idea on how they can answer questions on their own. We have received (and continue to receive) numerous testimonials of students who gained a masterly of writing skills by buying custom essays from us.

Our custom writing service provides solutions to problems no coursebook, teacher, online tutor, or classmate can provide. Our writers not only address the question based on the appropriate conceptual perspective, they also turn in plagiarism-free papers!

The benefits of custom essay writing services are predicated on the assumption that students are able to identify the best custom essay service providers in the market. We at MyCourseworkHelp.com are simply the best custom essay writing company in the academic writing industry today.

Meanwhile, it is perhaps a good thing to save the best for the last. So, here are the additional benefits that are available to our esteemed customers:

  • Free cover page
  • Free reference page
  • Free unlimited paper revisions
  • Free plagiarism reports
  • Discounts of up to 50%

We look forward to serving you soon!
Writing your academic papers is what we do best.

Any Questions? Send us an email (support@mycourseworkhelp.com) or engage us on the Live Chat button at the bottom of the website.

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