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Assignment 3: Research Review Paper—Final Submission

In Weeks 1, 2, and 6, you completed portions of your research review paper. This week, your assignment is to put it all together to form a cohesive whole. All editorial comments and discussion notes should be compiled logically to complete this paper. Make sure that all three parts merge as a cohesive whole.
Submission Details:
Submit your answers in a 10- to 12-page Microsoft Word document.
Cite any sources you use using APA format on a separate page. Click to learn how to cite sources using APA guidelines
.Assignment 2 Grading Criteria
Clearly discussed the clinical significance.

Accurately summarized prior research.
Clearly defined the gap in research leading to your proposed research question.
Clearly stated your research question.
Ensured that your suggestions for methods are rational, doable, and appropriate for the proposed question.
Ensured that the paper is well organized and well written and demonstrates significant development in your ability to think and write from initial submission. Properly followed APA format

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