Genius Award Paper – Walter Elias “Walt” Disney

Prepare a 1400- to 1750-word paper nominating a 20th century or 21st century figure (Walt Disney) whose work or artistic contributions stand out in your mind as genius. Your nominee must have a body of work that falls into one of the categories we have been discussing in this class: art, architecture, literature, music, or philosophy. Under the umbrella of the visual and performing arts, you could also choose a dancer/choreographer, actor/actress, photographer, or filmmaker, for example.

The paper must include the following:
An explanation of how you understand and define ‘genius’ and why the person you selected is worthy of special recognition
A brief synopsis of the individual’s life and times
A survey of the ideas or artistic works recognized as reflecting genius. Your paper should identify at least 3 specific examples of the individual’s ideas and/or artistic works recognized as reflecting genius.
An appraisal of the individual’s impact on the arts and culture
An assessment of whether the individual’s contributions are likely to continue influencing artistic and cultural development
Cite at least three references in writing this paper. One of your references must be scholarly source and one of your references must be a popular source.

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