GEOG 230-Our Changing Climate

GEOG 230-Our Changing Climate

Case Study Project Part 1: Proposal



After having built your knowledge base through a reading of the first two parts

of the textbooks and Part 1 of the IPCC Synthesis report, you will choose a

particular topic related to climate change and do a short case study on it. A

case study is a review of a narrowly focused, real world situation that includes

as much of the complexity of the situation as possible. The purpose of the case

study is to develop detailed knowledge of a real situation and to be able to form

questions and understand concepts that link this particular situation to broader

trends and themes. In this assignment, you will pick a specific topic that helps

you understand some aspect of climate change.


Part 1 will include a short description of the your topic, why you chose it, and

how you see it tying into the themes of the course. It will also include a

preliminary set of references, each with a short description of the information in

  1. This is the first part of a three part project. Each part will be a revision and

expansion of the previous part.


Description of topic

200-400 words

This section will describe the case, as you understand it. The basic questions of

who, what, where, when and why should be addressed here.


Why you chose this topic

~100 words

This section will describe what it is about this topic is of interest to you. Why do

you want to know more about it? What use could this knowledge be to you in

the future?


Connection to course themes

100-200 words

How does your topic connect to the course material? How will looking at this

particular case help you to understand climate change broadly and certain

topics related to climate change more specifically? You will need to cite the

specific chapters and concepts from the texts and supplementary material

(IPCC reports, films, etc.) that your case is related to.



This section will contain 5-8 references, each with a 1-3 sentence description

of the information in them, from a quick skim reading. You do not have to have

already read all these yet, but you are building a resource list. You will be

reading them as you write more of your case study. You can gain access to

many sources through Acceptable references include books,

academic articles, IPCC or governmental reports/plans, and popular media

pieces (magazines, newspapers, online news sites, documentary films, etc.) I

will consider other sources, depending on your topic and their relevance and

quality. You must have at least 3 Peer Reviewed journal articles.


Citation style is to follow APA guidelines

( ). I’m not going to knock

off points for every comma missed, but will take off points for extreme

sloppiness or disregard for the format. This is the most commonly used citation

format, and you should know how to use it.


Topic Examples

Topics for the project will be specific. The idea is that you will understand your particular case deeply and in detail rather than in broad, vague terms. Your topic should be constrained to a particular geographic location, human population, species (or genus) of plant or animal, scientific concept or practice,etc.



  • City of Los Angeles’ long term drought mitigation plans.
  • Health and climate: Beijing smog reaches new level.
  • Policy changes to be implemented in the U.S. after Paris climate talks.
  • Melting permafrost impacts on Siberian villagers and ecosystems


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