Globalization is a switch to approach a more unified and co-dependent and global economy. People who run organizations are employing cross border trade and operations. Globalization is an international movement of cultural and economic unification (Lawrence & Weber, 2011). It can be a negative or positive. Negative in the sense of our jobs that are leaving the United States to be based in another country. Which leaves us with lack of employment. Foreign exchange grants more merchandise and services to be accessible as it decrease cost. Because of the type of business. Seizing provisional benefits and grow more aggressive in the global market. An advantage is the quick spread of consumer merchandise, food and clothing. A chance to work in a foreign country. being aggressive is how countries create good economic, public and environmental circumstances for industrial growth. We should get better educated so we can get better employment. Globalization presents a great promising profit to businesses and countries. It include free trade, movement of labor, a gain in capital flows, development in multinational businesses and decrease obstruction between countries. It has been said that fair trade impairs growing countries because of the completion of the already established countries. Established countries benefit more. New fair trade government gives low pay, low tax, low law countries leverage.

a company I would like to speak on is Sigvaris. It is a global company that produces compression stockings. They are used to improve the blood flow in your legs. The stockings gently squeeze your legs to move blood up your legs to help prevent leg swelling and blood clots. They are durable and in high demand. Sigvaris being in great completion at first when they opened the company found themselves in the red and sold the there top competitor. Trade connected spanned fro Paris to Warsaw and the New World. Sales decreased in the 1890 and 1910 from one third to three percent but they emerged to 45% using better quality material. Sales went up and down. In 2012 they produced over 7.2 million pair of stockings and Net sales of 221 million in Swiss Francs. There distribution network include areas of Europe, Germany, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, USA, Mexico, China, Australia, and more (Sigvaris, 2014).

Sigvaris (2014).

Lawrence, A. T. & Weber, J. (2011). Business and society: Stakeholders, ethics, public policy (13th ed). New York: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. ISBN: 978-0-07-813715-0

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