Greek and Roman classics

Write an essay examining the effects of the rise of the polis in Greece at the beginning of the Archaic Period (750-500 BC).  The so-called ‘8th-century revolution’ fundamentally changed the nature of Greek society.  Discuss the changes which took place during this period, and, in particular, the different ways in which the two poleis about which we have the most information, Athens and Sparta, shaped their governments and societies in order to deal with the problems that were created by these changes.  Finally, consider how the choices they made shaped the outbreak and course of the two major major wars of the Classical Period (500-323 BC), the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars.


3 paragraphs :

try to answer three questions..

1st paragraph : talk about  what is 8th century revelution and what happens?

-problems in details for example(polis , growth population ) and how thats created problems ,polis, economics

2nd paragraph : how do Athens and Sparta solve these problems (for example : SPARTA militrise their societies.


(how they change their societies .

What did they do to fix problems


3rd paragraph :  Results

how did they use the system to resolve these problems( how did they become powerful )

-Sparta: Militry

-Athens : democrasy , Aggresion .

-political solutions

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