The name of this course is Healthcare Management 2005.
For a hypothetical patient who has Alzheimer’s disease, create a socioeconomic profile of your choice disease. You needed to create the pretend person and then describe
• What is the level of this patient’s income, education, work experience, and cultural influences? For example, 72 years old female, college educated teacher, etc.
• How might these socioeconomic factors influence his or her ability to access the necessary healthcare? What are the socioeconomic factors that may impact your person?
• How can the patient engage in self-care practices, such as modifying diet and exercise, and understand the nature of the illness, treatment, and prognosis? What can be done if you have Alzheimer’s disease? Does diet, medication compliance, exercise, etc., have any impact?
• What healthcare services for this disease does the patient has access to? Where would you go for treatment? What type of provider? How about Alzheimer’s disease day care?
• This patient lives in Arizona and the references need to be from Arizona
• 4pages double spaced
• APA format

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