Herzberg’s motivation theory and analysis Google company

*I am going to have a presentation which is an explanation about Herberg’s Motivator-Hygiene Model with using Google company’s analysis as an example. Just write 1 page singe space which I am going to speak (like 5min) about the relationship between Google company’s motivation and Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene Model. Needs to include what the Herzberg’s Motivator-Hygiene model is as well.

How it related to Google: Focus on how Google motivates their empolyees by increasing job satisfaction and decreasing job dissatisfaction

Example: Allow to bring their pets to workplace/ Fitness classes and gyms/ Tech support 24/7…

This is what I found regarding Google company’s motivation for job satisfaction. You can use this information if you need.

-Management is attempting to increase employees’ job satisfaction and reduce turnover by creating positive hygiene factors. These initiaitives include the follosing: 1) allowing employees to bring pets to work 2) creating workday intramural sporting events like basketball, soccer, and beach volley ball, 3) creating arcades where employees can play Ping-Pong, and video games, 4) establishing an information resource center in which employees can borrow the latest video games, movies, books, and magazines for free, and 5) providing a gym with groupd fitness classes.

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