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Every generation of psychologists seems to engage in practices that the next generation looks back upon with concern and regret. Many of the former treatments for the mentally ill are now viewed as unethical.

Reflect back on what you have learned throughout this course about the evolution of psychology throughout history.
Research a form of treatment used with the mentally ill during a particular decade in the 20th century. Include information about the key historical events that were happening around the time this treatment was being used, as well as identifying the popular culture of the time.
How might the psychological theories of the time have influenced attitudes fostering discrimination of people with mental illness?
Analyze the themes and perspective(s) that underlie the rationale for this treatment.
Explain how all of the above (i.e., historical events, culture, and the underlying rationale for this treatment) related to the popular psychological theory at that time.
Conclude your presentation with a question raised about a current treatment that may be parallel to your findings.
Create a PowerPoint Presentation, using information you learned in your textbook and at least 1 peer-reviewed article to support your response. You can use relevant Web sites or journal articles as sources for your presentation, but make sure that they are from reputable web and print sources such as the AU online library, or information from.org, .net, or .edu sites as opposed to .com. Please avoid Wikipedia.
Your presentation should include approximately 10-15 slides. Follow the instructions on the PowerPoint Tips document.
Submit your one page handout to the M5: Assignment 1 Dropbox by Monday, January 4, 2016. Name your assignment as follows:


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