History Assignment


What is a manifesto?

Manifestoes are one of the rhetorical practices most closely associated with the historicalavant-gardes. Some manifestoes address technical issues in artistic practice, while othersexplicitly engage in an analysis of society, culture, or politics.

For art historians, the importance of manifestoes as documents resides in that they help usunderstand how artists imagined their relationship to pre-existing practices, and are particularlyimportant in considering how they envisioned their relationship to society.

Of manifestos, literary critic Ranjana Khanna has noted,

A manifesto is a document of hope presented in the present in the pursuit of a differentfuture. It often lays out a plan in steps or stages, and is written as a response todissatisfaction with the present. …

Manifestoes are all about hope. And they are all about collectives of people comingtogether for no reason other than to act on that hope. Hope for transformation is theenergizing and binding force of the manifesto. As in most Utopian writing, the manifestoimplies a negative response to the current state of things. (Ranjana Khanna, “LatentGhosts and the Manifesto”: 243-5.)

There are many forms that manifestoes can take: some are more discursive in nature, whileothers rely on lists of ideas, or strategies, for coping with a given problem. Others are“performative,” in the sense that they enact graphically what they seek to effect as part of theirprogramme.

Read my research outline (see uploaded outline) and write a 1-page essay to answer the questions below:

What will your manifesto be about? And what will it look like?

You don’t need to cite any sources.

An excellent response creatively engages the prompt. It demonstrates that thestudents have agrasp of the mechanics and function of the manifesto as writing form, and its import to avant-garde practice. The text contains a clear rationale and structure. The assignment is completedin a thoughtful and timely manner.


Gun Control

I believe in a peaceful society in which everyone’s right to life is respected. Gun violence has always been a menace in the United States of America. Many families and friends have lost their loved ones due to incidents of gun violence. I envision a society where people can live freely without the fear of getting caught in a violent situation involving gun violence. My manifesto focuses on the prevention ofgun violence by introducing adequate gun control measures. Theavailability of guns in America is the leading cause of this problem. Mass shootings in the United States stem from easy access to firearms. I intend to advocate for a government that limits individuals’ access to guns. The authorities must render the ownership of any firearms illegalin order to countercheck those using weapons unlawfully.


Besides, I plan to sensitize people on the importance and sanctity of life. I realized that most of the perpetrators involved inthe shootings have no value for their own lives as well as that of their victims. Such individualsperceive human life as being worthless. They lack happiness and joy in their lives; hence,are usually indifferent to human emotions. It is better to preach a message of love than of war. The perpetrators deserve to be motivated to bring out the goodness in them.

Comprehensive solutions to gun violence are unavoidable. I shall support community safety planning and implementation with the aim of reducing gun violence. Our safety begins with the society we live in, and if responsible adults must have guns, then they have to ensure that the firearms are appropriately stored so that teenagers, as well as other people at risk of harming themselves, cannot reach them. Gun violence is a pressing issue that requires our immediate attention. With all these factors considered, we wouldbe able toenjoy a secure environment as a society.

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