Indian summer: time for fun

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Indian summer is the best time to have outdoor fun because this is a spell of hazy, warm, quiet weather that occurs in October and sometimes even in early November. Indian summer weather is ideal for many outdoor activities. Brown says that although Indian summer does not occur every year, whenever it does occur, few people will fail to notice the pleasant change in weather conditions (26). This is because it offers people a good alternative to the autumn weather conditions that they are used to.


This period, according to Deedle, is characterized by above-normal temperatures, dry and hazy weather conditions and a cool southwesterly breeze (1). This is a good time for people who want to hold a party before autumn. The funniest thing about this weather condition is that it comes as a pleasant surprise to people who do not listen to weather forecasts regularly. Meanwhile, it is important for people to know when the weather is most favorable for an outdoor activity in order to avoid being inconvenienced by unfavorable weather conditions.

            At a fun time, people may hold local festivals and personal parties. If Indian summer hits on the weekend, it is becoming even more enjoyable. It is the best time for people to prepare for winter. Others set it aside for cookouts and get-togethers. Whatever one does during this time, the occurrence creates a good theme for a fascinating fall festival.

To make the fun complete, a back-up plan is necessary in case the weather unexpectedly turns foul. Meanwhile, some of the activities and celebrations to engage in include a hayrack ride, a pool party, a yard clean-up, a backyard barbecue, a scavenger hunt, a square dance or even an evening bonfire. For people who love shopping, this is a great time to do so. Camps that are held during the Indian summer turn out to be fun and memorable.

            In conclusion, everyone should take the opportunity of the Indian summer to do fall cleaning as they prepare for winter. The spell of hazy, warm, quiet October weather provides everyone with an amazing opportunity to have a great fun-filled time.


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