Intel Assessment

You are an intelligence analyst for the Department of Homeland Security assigned to the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (DHS-OIA). You are currently working in the Special Events Unit and are responsible for producing an intelligence assessment outlining potential threats to the upcoming United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) meeting that is to take place in New York City 2 months from now. To that end, your unit has created ad hoc intelligence requirements, implemented an intelligence collection plan, and collected and disseminated raw intelligence pertaining to this event. Your supervisor has now asked you to draft the final analytical product in the form of an intelligence threat assessment.

Assignment Guidelines

For this assignment, you must prepare an intelligence threat assessment on the upcoming UNGA meeting in New York City. At a minimum, your assessment of 800–1,100 words should address the following (as paragraphs):TitleYour assessment should have a descriptive, detailed title to let the reader know exactly what the report is about.
ScopeThis paragraph should explain why you are writing this assessment and the date and time frame that this assessment will cover. You should also identify which intelligence requirements this assessment will be addressing, as well as any limitations in your assessment.
Executive SummaryThis paragraph should convey the most important points of your paper up front. Many executives only have time to read this paragraph.
Event OverviewThis paragraph should discuss the details of the event and address any background information that is important for the reader to understand to put things into context.
Current Threat InformationThis paragraph should address your current intelligence with regards to threats.
Intelligence GapsThis paragraph should discuss things you still do not know. These are essentially unanswered questions. You want to tell the readers what you know and what you do not know.
AnalysisThis paragraph is the most important and should include your perspective, outlook, implications, and recommendations. Remember that the whole purpose of intelligence analysis is not to describe the event but to explain the significance of the reported information.
There is no specific format for this assignment.
This assignment will require additional outside research.You may use any resources available to you when drafting this product.
You must have a minimum of 2 additional scholarly sources.
You may also use your previous week’s work to support this assignment (e.g., using your raw intelligence reporting from week 4).
Compile your responses in the final intelligence threat assessment, and submit the file to your instructor.
All sources must be referenced using APA style.
Please submit your assignment.

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