Intellectual Property infringement- China

the essay should be 4800 worlds long:(in-text referencing should be integrated); English USA; formal and acaademic language should be used as well as a suitable tone -abstract (200-250 words) -table of contents -Introduction; (thesis statement clearly given) -Literature review (800words):(background,rationale and aims(brief review of important literature and how the paper will fill the gap) ,outline(utility of the study for others),definition of terms)(around 15 sources should be mentioned); -main topic; (more than 20 sources should be used and in-text references should exist);Quotations and statistics introduced clearly and commented on effectively -conclusion; summarises arguments presented in the main body of the text; no new ideas presented here -references: complete and consistent according the APA style -critique(800words) throughout the essay around 20 sources should be mentioned apart from the 15 sources mentioned in the literature review; regarding also the sources I need a folder with all electronic sources used plus a screenshot of the information taken from them.

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