Introducing MyWallet

Picture this scenario: The class has just ended. You want to place an urgent order before going home, but you are unable to do so since you have no access to your trusted network and computer; you only have a smartphone and an unsafe public WiFi connection.

We have a solution to this problem: You can now deposit funds safely into your Wallet to make the checkout safer, faster and more convenient for you while on the go.

What’s Wallet!?

It’s an account on our website where you can hold funds for use as a payment option whenever you want to pay for an order without having to keep keying in and checking out with your bank/credit card details.

Check MyWallet Balance

Why do I need the Wallet?

It is sometimes tedious (and insecure) to go through the lengthy bank/card checkout process each time you want to pay for an order. For example, when you’re away from your trusted home network and computer. This is automatically avoided when you have funds in your wallet. Upon filling your order form, simply select Wallet in the list of payment options and the order cost will be deducted from your Wallet balance in a single click.

Why is it convenient?

  • You can make a one-time (e.g., weekly or fortnight) secure deposit into your Wallet using your trusted device (e.g., a home computer) and use the Wallet balance (instead of bank balance) to pay for many orders on need basis.
  • It’s a fantastic way of harmonizing your bank statements as the number of transaction entries on your bank account is greatly reduced.
  • It can be a nice budgeting tool too! Set aside funds when they’re available and track their usage every step of the way in the Activity tab.

Why now?

The Wallet is one of the many security features we’re integrating into the new design to stay compliant with the latest Best Practices in ecommerce.

What’s the catch?

Well, there’s isn’t any. It’s our way of letting our actions speak louder than our words. You get to place orders the usual way. A seamless Ordering Process is a win-win for you and us.

Thank you for using our service.

How do I add funds to Wallet

Login to the website and go to My Wallet, then go to Add Funds.

Check MyWallet Balance

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INTRODUCING MYWALLET: We Have Made It A Whole Lot Easier To Place Orders With Us