Is Marriage Worth It?


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Is Marriage Worth It?

            People get married for various reasons including companionship, creating a family, financial stability, among other many reasons. In the past, the institution of marriage played an important role as it not only led to the establishment of a family but was also a source of security and stability. However, in the present day, marriages play a smaller role in society and benefits which people have traditionally pursued through it can now be attained without necessarily getting into a civil union. Therefore, marriage is not worth it.


            To start with, one of the reasons why people especially women got married in the past was financial stability. As the breadwinner of the family, the man had to provide adequate financial support; few women were working in the formal sector. In the past, it was not expected for women to work or take up leadership positions. Thus, they played a subordinate role in their families and in the society. Moreover, there were expectations whereby they were limited to a particular profession for employment, for instance the delivery of services.  However, in the present day, men and women alike get employed in all fields under similar criteria, meaning that anyone can be financially stable. This development encourages women to gain financial and intellectual independence. They can therefore undertake positions in leadership and also speak out their opinions with confidence while at it. Thus, an individual can be financially stable without having to get married. In addition to this, both girls and boys are encouraged to acquire an education and can pursue whatever interest they have, including engineering and software development. This encourages equality and since companies are encouraged to ensure there is gender equality, the opportunity gap between men and women is drastically narrowing. Therefore, women can also attain financial stability and become breadwinners for their families.

            Moreover, parenting can be done both within and outside marriage. In the past, marriage was pursued to provide children with two parental figures. However, in the present day, the importance of marriage has been reduced as a result of the presence of many single parents who have demonstrated success in bringing up their children uprightly. They undertake responsibilities that would traditionally been in the hands of two parents within a marital context. Financial stability has gone a long way in making this possible because a single parent can afford to provide for their children’s needs single-handedly. Consequently, the importance of marriage is reduced because an individual can be a parent without being in a union. Additionally, adoption has contributed to the emergence of single families. Today, people are free to adopt children even if they are not in a union. Many adoption agencies pay more attention to financial stability and the adopter’s behavior as criteria for selecting ideal parents. Moreover, due to frequent checks, children can be taken care of within an adoption arrangement.

            Furthermore, fidelity is not guaranteed just because an individual is in a marriage. Thus, the idea of establishing the marriage institution on this basis is not valid. Infidelity is common in many relationships, and marriages are not an exception. It is a major contributor to the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS which have detrimental effects on both partners’ lives. In some cases, infidelity leads to a situation where many children are born out of wedlock. Unfortunately, many cases of infidelity lead to divorce and subsequent collapse of a marriage. Indeed, rising divorce rates in the modern society are a reflection of the stature of marriage as a failed institution. Nevertheless, infidelity is not the only reason why this unfortunate phenomenon unfolds. As spouses pursue different interest in life, the resulting distance greatly contributes to breakups. The biggest victims of these developments are undeniably the children. This is an indication that marriages are not worth it and that individuals should carefully analyze the reason why they are getting into a union before committing themselves into it. They should weigh the benefits of companionship against the risk of exposing children to the painful, life-changing experiences of witnessing divorce proceedings.


            On the other hand, society has a tendency to stigmatize single parents, particularly mothers. Consequently, many women rush into marriage soon after getting pregnant as a way of avoiding the stigma associated with single parenthood. However, in the present era, this kind of situation is quickly becoming a thing of the past. There are many single mothers and fathers who are performing their parental duties efficiently and have also worked hard to the point of becoming respected members of society. Thus, the absence of one parental figure is not a big deal in the modern society. If anything, many people who get into marriages to avoid the stigma associated single parenthood are those who have experienced acrimonious divorces, have had a bad marriage, or are yet to succeed in other aspects of their lives.

When two people get into marriage without first knowing each other for a significant period, they are likely to adopt different approaches of doing things leading to conflict. Additionally, there are many instances where some of the children are not biologically related to one of the parents. In such situations, it may become for love relations between the children and the non-biological parent to thrive. The resulting negative effects on the formative stages of the children can have far-reaching consequences during adulthood.

            In conclusion, present-day developments have led to a rapid decline in the institution of marriage. The immense value that people in society used to attach to the institution no longer exists. Education has played a great role in influencing people particularly the girl-child to postpone marriage in order to pursue career success. Upon succeeding in the workplace, women promptly realize that they are financially stable enough to bring up a family as single mothers. As social dynamism continues to unfold in a multidimensional manner, it is likely that more people will continue to shun marriage in preference for single parenthood. The resulting impression is that one needs not get into marriage to be said to have accomplished all the crucial aspects of life. After all, societal expectations and views of the society are rapidly changing. Many people are no longer under immense pressure from relatives to enter into marriage. There is greater freedom in terms of the point in life when one can start a family, and the question of marriage does not arise as readily as it used to in the past. Thus, although marriage brings about companionship, it is not worth it because as a failed institution, people no longer need it to get a sense of security and success.

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