“Know Your Rights as a Job Seeker or Employee”

As you may have learned from other business courses or from your reading in this course an important HR activity of most managers in an organization is interviewing applicants for positions, which report to them.

Research has revealed that many questions asked of applicants discriminate against females and minorities and often are not job related. Hence, it is critical that managers are sensitive to and understand the types of questions, which are legally permissible or impermissible to ask applicants during the interview process, to prevent problems or violations in laws on fair employment practices.


1. If you are the Head of the H.R. Department of a company with 100 employees, how would you respond in the following scenarios: YOU MUST ANSWER BOTH SCENARIOS!

Scenario 1

Prepare a list of questions you might ask a prospective job applicant so that they do not violate federal laws. Prepare both a list of general questions and questions you would use in a ” behavior-based” interview. Answer whether you can engage in pre-employment tests, background checks, polygraphs, and credit reports. List any applicable federal laws on these topics.

and do Scenario 2 as well- do both!

Scenario 2

You want to fire an employee who is a female, 43 years old, one of two black employees and who is gay. You seek the advice of your personnel department. What might they say is the appropriate manner to approach this employment situation?

3. Save your work in word document or RTF file and submit your answer using the assignment link below.

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