Law Assignment


What is the importance of teamwork when searching a building with your partner making sure it’s clear.



            Teamwork is an important aspect of policing. The police departments’ functionality is improved by taking advantage of teamwork as it helps the officers to take advantage of the in-house resources to help them in resolving crimes. Through the use of teamwork, the law enforcement officers are able to pair important skills that help them in resolving crimes. Working as teams is especially important when conducting building searches because it helps the officers to utilize the different skills and knowledge that they possess in covering for each other (Biggs & Brough, 2016). Teamwork among law enforcement officers in the process of conducting a building search helps in increasing their effectiveness, safety, boosting their morale, improving their ideas and functioning, strengthening their communication, and making the police department to function more successfully.


            When searching a building, law enforcement officers are supposed to work interdependently in order to improve their chances of success. Working as a group helps to ensure that every officer is guarded against the risk of being attacked by the criminals (Biggs & Brough, 2016). There are officers that are involved in reading and understanding the layout of the building, another group is involved in engaging in communication with the criminals to urge them to surrender; another group is involved in breaking the entrances, while another group specializes in making sure that the other groups are safe. In that way, the safety of each law enforcement officer is ensured hence each can concentrate on performing maximally in their area of knowledge for the search to be successful. The specialization ensures that every officer is protected when conducting the search operation.

            The specialization of the officers in their areas of competency helps in the effective accomplishment of the search task. It ensures that everybody is involved in the search operation to the best of their ability hence enhancing the effectiveness of the operation (Biggs & Brough, 2016). As a team, the officers complement each other thus ensuring that the search task is completed within the shortest time possible.  Without working as a team, the effectiveness of the officers is reduced since there will be a clash of ideas and actions. Engaging in teamwork ensures that the officers coordinate their skills for the achievement of maximum efficiency. 

            The law enforcement officers gain more morale to be involved in building search activities when they work in partnerships. The officers feel the safety of working in coordinated groups hence will be more engaged in conducting the building search (Biggs & Brough, 2016). Having the knowledge that there are other people that are involved in the search process boosts the morale of the officers to work hard in attaining the objectives of the search. Through working as a team, the officers are able to share ideas on how they will accomplish the process in a more successful way. Improved communication in the team ensures that everyone is kept abreast with the building search procedures and progress thus ensuring the success of the mission.

            It is also important to ensure that the teams move as groups since they help in covering for one another. The teams are made up of people who have different skills and knowledge. Therefore, by moving together, the members of the team complement one another and at the same time can cover for each other’s mistakes. It helps to reduce the vulnerability of each member while increasing their safety against any potential danger that may arise. The team members act as one another’s keeper by utilizing their skills and knowledge to protect each other.


Biggs, A., & Brough, P. (2016). 18 The potential benefits of police culture and support and work outcomes among police officers. Stress in Policing: Sources, Consequences and Interventions, 309.

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