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I am an owner at a Nails shop. I need a job description letter for my employee to the university. I need to provide a letter to the university of my employee who works for my store. The information is on file. on file, I explained what she do and hours. But I want it more professional.


Job Description

Job Title: Accounting Clerk

Hours per week: 12-15 hours per week
Date started: 01/15/2017 to present

Job Brief:

The Accounting Clerk is responsible for undertaking a variety of general accounting, bookkeeping, and financial tasks, as needed, at the Nail Shop.


Job Responsibilities:

The job holder maintains accounting records by generating copies as well as filing documents. The job also involves reconciling records for internal company employees and management with that of customers. It also entails verifying the accuracy of invoices and other related accounting records including the credit card machine and cash. The task of producing and verifying financial reports by running each of them through a performance analysis software program also falls within the purview of this job.

The professional also prepares, updates and maintains all accounting ledgers, journals, and all other records containing details of financial business transactions on the computer. Besides, it involves producing a report and sends out paychecks to the employees at the end of every week. As part of this job, the employee also checks and orders inventory for the nail shop every two weeks, prepares an income financial statement for the previous month in the middle of the month, and reconciles bank statements by comparing all statements with the contents of the general ledger. Other tasks include maintaining accounting databases by processing necessary backups, investigating any questionable financial data and accomplishing any other financial and accounting tasks as needed.

Job Requirements:            

  • Broad knowledge and experience in MS Office, accounting software, and databases.
  • Above average skills in typing, reporting, and organization.
  • Excellent skills in data entry and word processing skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to perform record-keeping and filing tasks.
  • Demonstrate high levels of accuracy and attention to detail’
  • General knowledge of basic accounting procedures and bookkeeping.
  • Experience in generating financial reports and spreadsheets.

Qualifications and Skills:

  • High school Diploma, Degree or equivalent experience in Statistics, Business, or Accounting recommended.
  • Specialized training in MS Office and accounting software.
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