Managing Diversity and Ethical HRM

Topic: Managing Diversity and Ethical HRM

You are an HR Manager in a large New Zealand bank. You have been assigned a project to investigate the role of diversity management, HRM and the strategic performance of the bank. The CEO is particularly interested in the following groups: older employees and New Zealand’s ethnically diverse workforce.

You are required to submit a report to the CEO. The report must be 2,500 words (not including reference list and any appendices). Penalties will apply to assignments that are above or below this word limit.

Your report should focus on the issue of an ageing workforce for the bank.


You must make a recommendation of 1) why the bank should be concerned with this aspect of diversity and 2) practical recommendations for the bank.

You must use eight to ten academic journal articles.


The report should include:


Outline your topic (aging workforce) and the key points that you will make. You may wish to include some data (e.g. employment or population statistics) to provide some background information for your report.
Literature Review
Define diversity management and the key HRM issues for your chosen ‘target’ group.
Use a ‘critical lens’ e.g. discuss different viewpoints, compare them and the strengths and limitations of different articles.
Present the reasons why the bank should be concerned. You could refer to the business case for diversity, strategic HRM and the systemic context for HRM (see p.5 of the textbook).
Discuss what role diversity has in improving the bank’s performance.
Include a conclusion of the key arguments you have made.
You are required to make five practical recommendations for what the bank should do. You should clearly identify what HR functions these relate to and situate them within strategic HRM frameworks.
Reference List

Introduction: approximately 300 words

Literature Review: approximately 1700 words

Recommendations: approximately 500 words

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