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With very simple basic words, write 2 pages about below factors that influence a-consumer’s buying behavior:

These factors are: 1) convenience 2) Security 3) Time saving 
4) Demography

* do NOT write a conclusion… avoid plagiarism.


Factors That Influence a Consumer’s Buying Behavior

The world of shopping has changed a lot due to the emergence of new ways of getting access to products and services such as e-commerce. Previously, consumers had to go to a specific store to buy a product; with e-commerce, purchases can be made online. A consumer’s buying behavior refers to the decision process that occurs before a consumer finally buys a certain product. There are many factors that ultimately influence the way consumers behave while buying a product; they include convenience, security, time-saving, and demography.

Firstly, convenience refers to the state in which someone, a consumer in this case, is able to acquire products with little or no difficulty. Online shopping is widely preferred due to its convenience. It is advantageous because it enables a consumer to acquire products without having to travel to the physical location of the store or the service provider. However, some people prefer to buy products from traditional offline stores because of the strong sense of social connection that they promote.

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Similarly, security plays a key role in influencing the decisions that consumers make and how they behave. For example, some consumers are reluctant to engage in online shopping due to concerns about the security of their personal information. They are afraid that their financial information may be accessed by authorized persons through hacking. Security concerns may also be expressed in traditional business settings. Business operators who have put in place excellent security precautions are likely to attract more customers than those that operate in unsafe environments.

Furthermore, time-saving is crucial determinant of consumers’ buying behavior. Most consumers are attracted to stores with excellent customer service characterized by minimum delays. To avoid this problem, many managers of retail stores tend to hire additional attendants whenever the number of customers is expected to increase. The need to save time is a major reason many people shop online today. A lot of time is saved using this method because one can access an online platform as long as he/she has a computer and an Internet connection. Providers of online services should enhance the quality of their customer service to ensure that all buyers’ questions are answered promptly. Meanwhile, operators of online businesses have a major advantage over their offline counterparts because they are not constrained by operating hours. As long as no technical problems are encountered, an e-commerce can be accessed by millions of people from all parts of the world at any time of day or night.

Finally, demography also affects how consumers behave while purchasing products. In this regard, the three main demographic factors that should be examined include age, gender, and income. In terms of age, many young people tend to be swayed by brand considerations than their older counterparts. Moreover, the latter tend to reflect on their experiences with various buying scenarios before making a purchase decision. Gender also influences consumers’ buying behavior. For example, women are more heavily influenced by advertisements than men. The former tend to behave in ways that does not violate the standards being promoted through advertising. At the same time, plays a big role in determining what a consumer decides to buy and his/her choice of seller or service provider. Consumers from low-income backgrounds tend to go for the cheap products sold in dingy stores while their rich counterparts usually purchase items mostly from high-end shopping malls.

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