Creative Strategy for Einstein Brothers Bagels in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Basic Problem or issue the advertising must address

To begin with, the creative strategy must consciously focus on advertising specific branches such as the branch in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This can be accomplished through print flyers, TV or radio commercials and strategic positioning in mass media or social media content (Jewler & Drewniany 98). In this case, branding must be done in relation to the target market.


Besides, it is imperative to let customers know that Einstein also deals in sandwiches and exquisite shmears even though it is essentially a bagel and coffee shop. It is imperative to market the sandwiches in equal measure to increase sales while maintaining the original brand. The marketing on both products can be made complementary to ensure sandwiches get more sales, but not at the expense of bagels. With a variety of sandwiches such as turkey, tuna, bacon, ham, and vegetable, it is possible to create a diverse choice in the menu. 

Communication and Advertising Objectives

The main communication and advertising objectives entail attract more customers into the Albuquerque, New Mexico branch and to get more people to join the shmear society. The main focus is to improve communication and reach out to potential customers. The shmear society allows for active customer participation which is a crucial form of customer interaction. In addition, this will open up streams of feedback from the customers. Active customer participation strategies and activities will serve to improve communication, and by extension, the success of the marketing efforts encouraging customers to become loyal customers at the targeted branch (Pricken 45).

Target Audience

The target audience/ market encompasses college students, the working class and travelers. College students hold a huge portion of the market share because they like to buy these snacks for lunch. Similarly, many members of the working class often rely on simple pastries and coffee for breakfast and as quick snacks. Finally, with the number of travelers and backpackers in New Mexico growing, fast food and pastry chains are becoming the best go-to options when sourcing for meals and local experiences.

Major Selling Idea and benefits to Communicate

The major selling points are Einstein’s specialization in bagels and the reputation they have established in the field so far. More importantly, the idea is to promote other products on the menu such as sandwiches, shmears, and smoothies. Good and efficient services are also part of their brand with a keen concentration on customer interaction, participation, and satisfaction for long-term service. With specific package deals and a money-back guarantee, customers will be assured of the luxury of diversifying their selection on the menu and getting value for their money.


Creative Strategy Statement

The goal is: Advertising the entire menu and locations. This creates appeal in that it offers a form of diversification and growth of the chain to cover more products and more individual tastes. The strategy to be applied is direct interaction with old and potential customers for the bagels as well as other items on the menu. In this way, this branch can capture a new set of customers within their target market. To achieve this, the creative strategy statement that will be used in the marketing campaign is: “Einstein Brothers Bagels, Albuquerque, New Mexico: Value for Money and Money Back Guarantee”.

Supporting Information and Requirements

Branded as a gathering place for conversation and great food, the branch must allocate more time and resources into adapting the space to a localized ambiance that reflects the preferences of most customers in Albuquerque, New Mexico (Torsten 67). Lastly, delivery services will be extended and further branded to serve the target market as part of the creative strategy.

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