Negotiations, Intellectual Property, and E-Commerce

Your InventionYou have informed Sally that you will be performing research on the laws that regulate direct payment systems this week. It is a hot topic related to the invention that she has been developing. Here is the paper that deals with this: E-Commerce Payment Mechanisms (DOCX) this week on a hot topic related to your invention that you have been developing. You have created a device that will be placed on restaurant tables, replacing paper menus and waiters.The device includes streaming channels highlighting the daily Menu. The Menu displays daily choices and projects visual representations of how the selections are prepared and cooked. The device is voice interactive, and you can order your meals and suggest options or additions to the items. The display covers a 360-degree view of your table and has recording and upload and download capabilities that record your table party activity for customers’ future pleasure and enjoyment. You can upload the interactive video to your mobile device or the Cloud. You can upload the event to the Restaurant’s “MealTime” website and shared it with friends and family subscribers. The device also contains a payment system that allows customers to order and pay at the table with a customer’s mobile device.The device will also enable customers at home or in transit to order and pay for takeout or schedule a delivery or pickup. Your invention also contains an algorithm design that integrates HR background searches and personality traits of prospective employee hires. The algorithm measures the compatibility of potential future hires against critical Human Resource initiatives and measurements. The algorithm has a high rate of eliminating applicants that potentially do not fit into your organization. Sally asks that you let her know if your research finds any laws that control the use of the device’s payment system, wanting to make sure the application is legal.Read the following: Pros and Cons of Touch Screen Ordering (Buzztime). (Links to an external site.)Your AssignmentThis discussion has 2 parts. Please put both steps in your initial discussion post.Part 1Using a Pros and Cons Chart, list the various E-Commerce Payment regulations that apply to the Devices payment system using information directed at the utilization of the invention in the Restaurant operations. In your review, determine what laws apply to all aspects of the potential use of the Device and the impact it may have on the business.Part 21. Complete the following:Go to: US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO (Links to an external site.)) website.Click on the “PATENTS” pull-down menu,Click on “Patent Process Overview”2. From the information gathered in Step 1 complete the following:Define what a Patent is,List the types of Patents available and choose the category your invention falls in.3. Go to the Patent FAQ page (USPTO)  (Links to an external site.)find the answers to the following questions. Who can apply for a patent?What can and cannot be patented?How do I know if my invention is patentable?How long does patent protection last?How much does it cost to get a patent?4. Add these questions and your discussion.You must complete your initial posting before you will be able to view your classmate’s postings. After your initial post, reply to two of your peers’ initial posts. You will be graded on your initial responses and replies. View the Discussion Rubric.

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