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my personal goal and 3 objectives in the clinical rehabilitation is to be able to have a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of a director of nursing(DON) . DON oversees the nursing department and he/her staff and staffs. I send an instruction paper as an example with a goal and 2 objectives, use these 2 objectives and add one more. use DON instead of FNP family nurse practitioner. please search online for more information of DON job description to be able to develop the essay; goal and objective. use the same pattern as in the instruction sheet. make sure objectives ares specific, measurable, attainable and realistic. I circle bottom section please read. keep it simple and clear.


Roles and Responsibilities of a Director of Nursing (DON)


A Director of Nursing (DON) is a nurse administrator who oversees the nursing department in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. His/ her main aim is to carefully juggle patient care and the needs of the staff in order to create a balanced and properly working healthcare environment.


The roles and responsibilities of a DON include:

  1. Supervising the nursing staff through follow ups, walking around and regular team meetings and briefings.
  2. Overseeing patient care through ensuring high standards of care as well as maintaining patients’ data and medical records.
  3. Performing administrative functions such as record keeping overseeing the department’s budget, and reporting the department’s progress, challenges and achievements to higher-level staff members.

Goal: To gain a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the Director of Nursing and to participate in activities related to this role in any clinical setting.

Objectives: Under the guidance and supervision of the current Director of Nursing, I will:

  1. Explain the roles and responsibilities of the director of nursing whenever necessary as outlined above.
  2. Assist the Director of Nursing in implementing daily interventional and educational care and activities for clients, families and staff in the clinical setting. I will carry out this activity by providing therapeutic and emotional support in addition to demonstrating empathy to clients within the clinical setting.
  3. Help to create a well-functioning hospital environment by balancing patient care and medical staff issues to ensure an optimum work and recovery environment. I will also mentor junior staff and provide guidance to other nurses whenever they are in need of it.
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